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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2005Education and the politics of cyberpunkCole, DR
Jan-2011Educational Life-Forms: Deleuzian teaching and learning practiceCole, DR
Jan-2008Epiphanies in action: Teaching and learning in synchronous harmonyCole, DR; Throssell, P
Jan-2005An examination of Hegelian and Spinozian philosophy and their relationships with the International Baccalaureate subject, Theory of KnowledgeCole, DR
Jan-2008Explorations of affective literacy amongst middle school English teachersCole, DR
Jan-2009Indexing the multiple: An Autobiographic account of education through the lens of Deleuze & GuattariCole, DR; Masny, D; Cole, DR
10-Nov-2009Introduction to multiliteracies in motion: Current theory and practiceCole, DR; Pullen, DL
Jan-2009Introduction to Multiple Literacies Theory: A Deleuzian PerspectiveMasny, D; Cole, DR; Masny, D; Cole, DR
Jan-2005Learning through the virtualCole, DR
Jan-2010Learning-practice: The ghosts in the education machineCole, DR; Hager, P; Devine, N
Jan-2012Matter In Motion: The Educational Materialism Of Gilles DeleuzeCole, DR
Jan-2009MLT as a minor poststructuralism of educationCole, DR; Masny, D; Cole, DR
10-Nov-2009Multiliteracies and the agency involved with computer operations in educationCole, DR; Pullen, DL
10-Nov-2009Multiliteracies and the politics of desireCole, DR
Jan-2009The power of emotional factors in English teachingCole, DR
Jan-2005Reading in the future: literacy and the time of the internetCole, DR
Jan-2010The Reproduction of Philosophical Bodies in Education with LanguageCole, DR
Jan-2007Teaching Asian-Australian identities through literatureCole, DR; Bui, H
Jan-2007Teaching Frankenstein and Wide Sargasso Sea Using Affective LiteracyCole, DR
Jan-2008Technological and affective literaciesCole, DR; Claire Maltais