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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Oct-2008Percolation in nanoporous gold and the principle of universality for two-dimensional to hyperdimensional networksSmith, GB; Maaroof, AI; Cortie, MB
1-Jan-2018Photomechanical photochromism in a cetyltrimethylammonium isopolytungstateColusso, AV; McDonagh, AM; Gentle, A; Cortie, MB
1-Jan-2009The physics and optical properties of goldBlaber, MG; Ford, MJ; Cortie, MB
15-May-2007Plasmon absorption in nanospheres: A comparison of sodium, potassium, aluminium, silver and goldBlaber, MG; Arnold, MD; Harris, N; Ford, MJ; Cortie, MB
1-Aug-2013Plasmon hybridization and field confinement in multilayer metal-dielectric nanocupsFrederiksen, M; Bochenkov, VE; Cortie, MB; Sutherland, DS
1-Nov-2009Plasmon resonance and electric field amplification of crossed gold nanorodsCortie, MB; Stokes, N; McDonagh, A
1-Jun-2012Plasmon Resonances in V-Shaped Gold NanostructuresStokes, N; Cortie, MB; Davis, TJ; McDonagh, AM
15-May-2007Plasmonic heating and its possible exploitation in nanolithographyCortie, MB; Harris, N; Ford, MJ
1-Jan-2015Plasmonic response in nanoporous metal: Dependence on network topologyGalí, MA; Tai, MC; Arnold, MD; Cortie, MB; Gentle, AR; Smith, GB
1-Oct-2003Platinum Alloys for Shape Memory ApplicationsBiggs, T; Cortie, MB; Witcomb, MJ; Cornish, LA
13-Dec-2007Precious metal core-shell spindlesXu, X; Cortie, MB
1-Feb-2016Predicting the formation and stability of single phase high-entropy alloysKing, DJM; Middleburgh, SC; McGregor, AG; Cortie, MB
5-Oct-2006Prediction of increased tunneling current by bond length stretch in molecular break junctionsHoft, RC; Ford, MJ; Cortie, MB
5-May-2009The preparation of a plasmonically resonant VO <inf>2</inf> thermochromic pigmentBai, H; Cortie, MB; Maaroof, AI; Dowd, A; Kealley, C; Smith, GB
2-Jan-2008Preparation of nanoscale gold structures by nanolithographyStokes, N; McDonagh, AM; Cortie, MB
1-Jan-2008Prospects for gold nanorod particles in diagnostic and therapeutic applicationsPissuwan, D; Valenzuela, SM; Cortie, MB
1-Dec-2007Prospects for light-activated nano-devices based on shape-memory polymersBhargava, A; Cortie, MB
1-Dec-2008"Purple glory": The optical properties and technology of AuAl <inf>2</inf> coatingsSupansomboona, S; Maaroof, A; Cortie, MB
1-Jan-2003Quantum electrical characteristics of nanocapacitorsEkanayake, SR; Rodanski, BS; Cortie, MB; Ford, MJ
1-Feb-2005Radiative heat transfer across glass coated with gold nano-particlesChowdhury, H; Xu, X; Huynh, P; Cortie, MB