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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2005Radiative heat transfer across glass coated with gold nano-particlesChowdhury, H; Xu, X; Huynh, P; Cortie, MB
29-Jan-2009Rapid and controllable sintering of gold nanoparticle inks at room temperature using a chemical agentCoutts, MJ; Cortie, MB; Ford, MJ; McDonagh, AM
28-Jul-2004Revised phase diagram for the Pt-Ti system from 30 to 60 at.% platinumBiggs, T; Cornish, LA; Witcomb, MJ; Cortie, MB
1-Jan-2016Role of multipolar plasmon resonances during surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy on Au micro-patchesDowd, A; Geisler, M; Zhu, S; Wood, ML; Cortie, MB
30-Jun-2010Sensors based on monochromatic interrogation of a localised surface plasmon resonanceKealley, CS; Arnold, MD; Porkovich, A; Cortie, MB
20-Oct-2006Shape change and color gamut in gold nanorods, dumbbells, and dog bonesXu, X; Cortie, MB
8-May-2014Shape-selective formation of monodisperse copper nanospheres and nanocubes via disproportionation reaction route and their optical propertiesGuo, H; Chen, Y; Cortie, MB; Liu, X; Xie, Q; Wang, X; Peng, DL
1-Oct-2010Spectrally selective coatings of gold nanorods on architectural glassStokes, NL; Edgar, JA; McDonagh, AM; Cortie, MB
1-Jan-2006Spectrally-selective gold nanorod coatings for window glassXu, X; Gibbons, TH; Cortie, MB
30-Jan-2018Spontaneous growth of polarizing refractory metal 'nano-fins'Tai, MC; Gentle, AR; Arnold, MD; Cortie, MB
15-Jun-2007Stability of the tetrahedral motif for small gold clusters in the size range 16-24 atomsFord, MJ; Soulé de Bas, B; Cortie, MB
31-Jan-2014Strategies to control the spectral properties of Au-Ni thin filmsMcPherson, DJ; Supansomboon, S; Zwan, B; Keast, VJ; Cortie, DL; Gentle, A; Dowd, A; Cortie, MB
8-Jun-2011Synthesis and optical properties of hybrid and alloy plasmonic nanoparticlesCortie, MB; McDonagh, AM
24-Nov-2008Synthesis of hollow gold nanoparticles and rings using silver templatesEdgar, JA; Zareie, HM; Blaber, M; Dowd, A; Cortie, MB
1-Dec-2007Targeted destruction of murine macrophage cells with bioconjugated gold nanorodsPissuwan, D; Valenzuela, SM; Killingsworth, MC; Xu, X; Cortie, MB
20-Nov-2009Ternary β and γ phases in the Al-Au-Cu system at 750 °CBhatia, VK; Kealley, CS; Wuhrer, R; Wallwork, KS; Cortie, MB
1-Feb-2006Therapeutic possibilities of plasmonically heated gold nanoparticlesPissuwan, D; Valenzuela, SM; Cortie, MB
1-Nov-2011Thermal stability of (K<inf>x</inf>Na<inf>y</inf>H<inf>1-x-y</inf>) <inf>2</inf>Ti<inf>6</inf>O<inf>13</inf> nanofibersCortie, MB; Xiao, L; Erdei, L; Kealley, CS; Dowd, AR; Kimpton, JA; McDonagh, AM
1-Jan-2017Thermal stability of mesoscopic compounds of cetyltrimethylammonium and Keggin metatungstatesColusso, AC; Cortie, MB; Dowd, A; McDonagh, AM
7-Jul-2015Thermal stability of nanoporous raney gold catalystTai, MC; Gentle, A; de Silva, KSB; Arnold, MD; van der Lingen, E; Cortie, MB