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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2007Targeted destruction of murine macrophage cells with bioconjugated gold nanorodsPissuwan, D; Valenzuela, SM; Killingsworth, MC; Xu, X; Cortie, MB
20-Nov-2009Ternary β and γ phases in the Al-Au-Cu system at 750 °CBhatia, VK; Kealley, CS; Wuhrer, R; Wallwork, KS; Cortie, MB
1-Feb-2006Therapeutic possibilities of plasmonically heated gold nanoparticlesPissuwan, D; Valenzuela, SM; Cortie, MB
1-Nov-2011Thermal stability of (K<inf>x</inf>Na<inf>y</inf>H<inf>1-x-y</inf>) <inf>2</inf>Ti<inf>6</inf>O<inf>13</inf> nanofibersCortie, MB; Xiao, L; Erdei, L; Kealley, CS; Dowd, AR; Kimpton, JA; McDonagh, AM
1-Jan-2017Thermal stability of mesoscopic compounds of cetyltrimethylammonium and Keggin metatungstatesColusso, AC; Cortie, MB; Dowd, A; McDonagh, AM
7-Jul-2015Thermal stability of nanoporous raney gold catalystTai, MC; Gentle, A; de Silva, KSB; Arnold, MD; van der Lingen, E; Cortie, MB
1-Feb-2007Thermal stresses and cracking in absorptive solar glazingChowdhury, H; Cortie, MB
30-Sep-2011Thin films of AuCuAl shape memory alloy for use in plasmonic nano-actuatorsBhatia, V; Thorogood, G; Annette, D; Cortie, MB
31-Aug-2015Thin films of PtAl<inf>2</inf> and AuAl<inf>2</inf> by solid-state reactive synthesisSupansomboon, S; Dowd, A; Gentle, A; Van Der Lingen, E; Cortie, MB
1-Jan-2008Tunable infrared absorption by metal nanoparticles: The case for gold rods and shellsHarris, N; Ford, MJ; Mulvaney, P; Cortie, MB
1-Nov-2018Ultra-high thermoelectric performance in graphene incorporated Cu <inf>2</inf> Se: Role of mismatching phonon modesLi, M; Cortie, DL; Liu, J; Yu, D; Islam, SMKN; Zhao, L; Mitchell, DRG; Mole, RA; Cortie, MB; Dou, S; Wang, X
1-Jan-2009The versatile colour gamut of coatings of plasmonic metal nanoparticlesKealley, CS; Cortie, MB; Maaroof, AI; Xu, X
1-Dec-2018X-ray-induced reduction of a surfactant/polyoxotungstate hybrid compoundColusso, AV; McDonagh, A; Cortie, MB
28-Oct-2013Zinc hydroxide sulphate and its transformation to crystalline zinc oxideMoezzi, A; Cortie, MB; McDonagh, AM
15-Mar-2012Zinc oxide particles: Synthesis, properties and applicationsMoezzi, A; McDonagh, AM; Cortie, MB