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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2004Global Body of Project Management Knowledge and StandardsCrawford, L; Morris; G, PW; Pinto; J; K
Jan-2008Governance and Support in the Sponsoring of Projects and ProgramsCrawford, L; Cooke-Davies, T; Hobbs, BJ; Labuschagne, L; Remington, K; Chen, P
Jan-2006Governing Projects For Corporate ExcellenceCrawford, L; Cooke-Davies, T; Baccarini, D
Jan-2005Hard and soft projects in the NSW public sectorCrawford, L; Pollack, JB; Costello, KL; Richardson, K; Gregory, W; Midgley, G
Jan-2004Hard and Soft Projects: a framework for analysisCrawford, L; Pollack, JB
Jan-2007How Generic are Project Management Knowledge and PracticeCrawford, L; Pollack, JB
Jan-2007How Standard are Standards: An Examination of Language Emphasis in Project Management StandardsCrawford, L; Pollack, JB; England, D
Jan-2003Managing Soft Change Projects in the Public SectorCrawford, L; Costello, KL; Pollack, JB; Bentley, L
Jan-2004Patterns of Support for Corporate Delivery CapabilityCrawford, L; N/A
1-Nov-2006Practitioner development: From trained technicians to reflective practitionersCrawford, L; Morris, P; Thomas, J; Winter, M
Jan-2004Professional Associations and Global InitiativesCrawford, L; Morris; P; W; G; Pinto; J; K
Jan-2005Project Categorisation SystemsCrawford, L; Hobbs, BJ; Turner, JR
Jan-2004Project Categorization System and Their Use in Organisations: An Empirical StudyCrawford, L; Turner, JR; Hobbs, BJ; Slevin, DP; Cleland, DI; Pinto, JK
Jan-2005Senior Management Perceptions of Project Management CompetenceCrawford, L
Jan-2002Strategic planning practices in constructionOluwoye, JO; Crawford, L; Faniran, O
1-Jan-2006Systems of information and the development of organisational project management competencePollack, J; Costello, K; Crawford, L; Bentley, L; Ou, LI; Turner, R
Jan-2004Towards a Global Framework for Project Management StandardsCrawford, L; N/A
Jan-2006Uncovering the Trends in Project Management; Journal Emphases over the last 10 YearsCrawford, L; Pollack, JB; England, D