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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2008Effective strategies for implementing a multicenter international clinical trialAitken, LM; Pelter, MM; Carlson, B; Marshall, AP; Cross, R; McKinley, S; Dracup, K
1-Jan-2006Effects of swing-weight on swing speed and racket powerCross, R; Bower, R
31-Aug-2018From importing innovations to co-producing them: Transdisciplinary approaches to the development of online land management toolsBaumber, AP; Metternicht, G; Ampt, P; Cross, R; Berry, E
31-Aug-2018From Importing Innovations to Co-Producing Them: Transdisciplinary Approaches to the Development of Online Land Management ToolsBaumber, A; Metternicht, G; Ampt, P; Cross, R; Berry, E
14-Jul-2017Identifying opportunities for cross-property landholder collaboration for conservation and productionCross, R; Baumber, AP; Ampt, PR; Metternicht, G; Berry, E
31-Jan-2018Increasing landholder collaboration for landscape scale conservation: Final ReportBerry, E; Ampt, P; Baumber, AP; Metternicht, G; Cross, R
31-Dec-2017Landscape scale conservation: incentives for cross-property actionAmpt, P; Baumber, AP; Berry, E; Cox, T; Cross, R; Metternicht, G; Pfeiffer, H
25-Sep-2017Lessons and best practice of landholder collaboration for landscape-scale conservation and productionPfeiffer, H; Ampt, P; Baumber, AP; Cross, R; Berry, E; Metternicht, G
1-Aug-2018Opportunities for adaptive online collaboration to enhance rural land managementBaumber, A; Metternicht, G; Ampt, P; Cross, R; Berry, E
1-Jan-2003Player sensitivity to changes in string tension in a tennis racketBower, R; Cross, R
1-Oct-2019Promoting co-benefits of carbon farming in Oceania: Applying and adapting approaches and metrics from existing market-based schemesBaumber, A; Metternicht, G; Cross, R; Ruoso, LE; Cowie, AL; Waters, C
1-Jul-2005String tension effects on tennis ball rebound speed and accuracy during playing conditionsBower, R; Cross, R