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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2013Managing Olympic VenuesDarcy, SA; Taylor, TL; Frawley, S; Adair, D
Jan-2012Meso level Social Impact: Meaningful Indicators of Community ContributionEdwards, M; Onyx, J; Maxwell, H; Darcy, SA
Jan-2007A Methodology for Testing Accessible Accommodation Information Provision FormatsDarcy, SA; McDonnell, I; Grabowski, S; March, R
21-Dec-2016No other recourse but to sue? The implications of Alex McKinnon’s lawsuit against the NRLDarcy, SA; Jonson, P
Jan-2008Paralympic benchmarks before 2000Cashman, R; Darcy, SA; Cashman, R; Darcy, S
1-Feb-2016Paralympic Legacy - learning from the Sydney 2000 to prepare for Tokyo 2020Darcy, SA
Jan-2008Paralympic research agendasDarcy, SA; Cashman, R; Cashman, R; Darcy, S
Jan-2005Personal and societal attitudes to disabilityDaruwalla, P; Darcy, SA
Jan-2008Planning for the GamesDarcy, SA; Cashman, R; Darcy, S
Jan-2010Protected Area Management: Collection and Use of Visitor Data. Volume 1: Summary and RecommendationsGriffin, T; Moore, S; Crilley, G; Darcy, SA; Schweinsberg, SC
Jan-2007Protected Area Visitor Data Collection and Management: Emerging Issues and Gaps in Current Australian PracticesDarcy, SA; Griffin, T; Craig, M; Moore, S; Crilley, G; McDonnell, I; Grabowski, S; March, R
20-Mar-2014Research Methods in Sport Studies and Sport Management: A Practical GuideVeal, AJ; Darcy, SA
Jan-2007Sailing on Troubled Waters: Diversional Therapy in AustraliaPegg, S; Darcy, SA
Jan-2006Setting a research agenda for accessible tourism.Darcy, SA
31-Jul-2015Stop, go back, the NDIS board shake-up is going the wrong wayDarcy, SA
Jan-2011Sydney 2000: Moving from Post-Hoc Legacy to Strategic Vision and Operational PartnershipsDarcy, SA; Appleby, L; Legg, D; Gilbert, K
Jan-2013Sydney for AllDarcy, SA; Cooper, I
2016Symposium: Determinants of Paralympic SuccessDarcy, SA; Legg, D
Jan-2008Tourist experiences of individuals with vision impairmentsPacker, T; Small, J; Darcy, SA
Jan-2004Towards barrier-free tourism: initiatives in the Asia Pacific regionCameron, B; Foggin, E; Darcy, SA; Arsenault, N