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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Oct-2018The price of populism: The association between directly elected mayors and unit expenditure in local governmentMcQuestin, D; Drew, J
2-Apr-2016Progressive and reactionary rhetoric in the municipal reform debate in New South Wales, AustraliaDrew, J; Grant, B; Campbell, N
16-Aug-2018Rate Capping in South Australia: Implications, Desirable Amendments, and Preparedness.Drew, J
1-Jul-2017Re-evaluating local government amalgamations: Utility maximisation meets the principle of double effect (PDE)Drew, J; Grant, B; Fisher, J
20-Apr-2018Regional Inequality; Why It Matters, Why it Occurs and How It Might Be AddressedDrew, J
24-Oct-2018Research in Ethical Issues in Organisations Volume 20: Applied Ethics in the Fractured StateGrant, B; Drew, J; Christensen, H
30-Jul-2019Response to Productivity Commission South Australia Proposed Methodology for Measuring Efficiency of Local GovernmentDrew, J
1-Jan-2019Rhetoric in municipal amalgamations: a comparative analysisDrew, J; Razin, E; Andrews, R
10-Aug-2017The Rhetoric of AmalgamationDrew, J; Razin, E; Andrews, R
1-Mar-2015Road to Ruin? Consistency, Transparency and Horizontal Equalisation of Road Grant Allocations in Eastern Mainland Australian StatesDrew, J; Dollery, B
1-Dec-2018The Role of Revenue Volatility in Local Expenditure Volatility: A Comparison of Tokyo Metropolitan Local GovernmentsTran, TV; Drew, J; Noguchi, M
1-Jan-2014Separation anxiety: an empirical evaluation of the Australian Sunshine Coast Regional Council de-amalgamationDrew, J; Dollery, B
13-Sep-2019Sort[ition]ing Out Local Government Financial Sustainability.Drew, J
1-Mar-2018A square deal? Mining costs, mining royalties and local government in New South Wales, AustraliaDrew, J; Dollery, BE; Blackwell, BD
1-Sep-2015The State of Things: The Dynamic Efficiency of Australian State and TerritoriesDrew, J; Dollery, B
1-Jan-2017Subsidiarity: More than a principle of decentralization-A view from local governmentDrew, J; Grant, B
1-Dec-2016Summary Execution: The Impact of Alternative Summarization Strategies on Local GovernmentsDrew, J; Dollery, B
2017A Tale of Two Jurisdictions: A Focus on the Effect of Regulatory Constraints on Municipal Resilience in AustraliaDrew, J; Steccolini, I; Jones, M; Saliterer, I
30-Jan-2017The thawing continent: The changing role of local government in a people's federationGrant, BJ; Drew, J; Bruerton, M; Hollander, R; Arklay, T; Levy, R
1-Nov-2018Tokyo Metropolitan University - Local Government Performance Management and Budgetary Control 18087Drew, J