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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Oct-2006Carrier diffusion processes near threading dislocations in GaN and GaN:Si characterized by low voltage cathodoluminescencePauc, N; Phillips, MR; Aimez, V; Drouin, D
2006Carrier recombination near threading dislocations in GaN epilayers by low voltage cathodoluminescencePauc, N; Aimez, V; Drouin, D; Phillips, M
Jan-2006Comparison of Low Voltage Cathodoluminescent PhosphorsPhillips, M; Drouin, D
1-Aug-2006Comparison of low voltage cathodoluminescent phosphorsPhillips, MR; Drouin, D
5-Jul-1999Depletion layer imaging using a gaseous secondary electron detector in an environmental scanning electron microscopePhillips, MR; Toth, M; Drouin, D
1-Aug-2006Effects of lithium doping and post-processing on the cathodoluminescence of zinc oxide nanoparticlesMcBean, KE; Phillips, MR; Drouin, D
2002ESEM beam current measuring device based on a planar shotty diodeAubin, A; Drouin, D; Phillips, M; Voelkl E; Piston D; Gauvin R; Lockley AJ; Bailey GW; Mickernan S
1-Jul-2009Imaging fundamental electronic excitations at high spatial resolution using scanning cathodoluminescence microscopyPhillips, MR; Drouin, D; Moody, SJ; Ton-That, C
Jan-2006Probing Carrier Behavior at the Nanoscale in Gallium Nitride using Low Voltage CathodoluminescencePhillips, M; Drouin, D; Goldys, EM
Jan-2006Probing carrier behaviour at the nanoscale in gallium nitride using low voltage cathodoluminescencePhillips, M; Drouin, D; Pauc, N; Kotula, P; marko, M; Scott, JH; Gauvin, R; Beniac, D; Lucas, G; mcKernan, S; Shields, J
1-Dec-2006SEM characterization of nanodevices and nanomaterialsDrouin, D; Pauc, N; Phillips, M; Poissant, P; Delample, V; Souifi, A; Aimez, V; Beauvais, J
1-Dec-2012Three-dimensional electron energy deposition modeling of cathodoluminescence emission near threading dislocations in gan and electron-beam lithography exposure parameters for a PMMA resistDemers, H; Poirier-Demers, N; Phillips, MR; De Jonge, N; Drouin, D
Jan-2001X-Ray Micronalaysis in the Environmentl SEM Using Mapping and Fourier Deconvolution TechniquesPhillips, M; Griffin, B; Drouin, D; Nockolds, C; Remond, G; Lyman, C