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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Sep-2018The Meadows new start distance analysis reportEager, D; Mahdavi, F; Hossain, M
22-Jul-2019Measurement of impact attenuating performance in playground surfacing using force and displacementEager, D; Chapman, C
9-Jul-2018Measuring track properties for performance and safety, Greyhound Racing Victoria Track Managers Conference, Warragul, 9 July 2018 (Invited plenary presentation)Eager, D
1-Oct-2016Mechanisms of Head and Neck Injuries Sustained by Helmeted Motorcyclists in Fatal Real-World Crashes: Analysis of 47 In-Depth CasesWhyte, T; Gibson, T; Anderson, R; Eager, D; Milthorpe, B
19-Feb-2018Mt Gambier Track Design Analysis of Drawing 5135Eager, D; Hossain, MI
22-Jan-2018Mt Gambier Track Injury Analysis and Preliminary Design ReportEager, D; Hayati, H; Hossain, MI
1-Jan-2006Not all risk is bad, playgrounds as a learning environment for children.Mitchell, R; Cavanagh, M; Eager, D
1-Jan-2010Optical flow based analyses to detect emotion from human facial image dataBesinger, A; Sztynda, T; Lal, S; Duthoit, C; Agbinya, J; Jap, B; Eager, D; Dissanayake, G
1-Jul-2016Performance prediction of a new integrated central cooling plant for energy efficiency and comfort enhancementVakiloroaya, V; Samali, B; Eager, D
1-Jan-2010A pilot study of sound levels in an Australian adult general intensive care unitElliott, RM; Mckinley, SM; Eager, D
1-Jun-2018Playground Equipment FallsEager, D
24-Mar-2017A preliminary investigation into the Cranbourne Track for Greyhound Racing VictoriaEager, D; Hayati, H; Hossain, MI
1-Mar-2017A preliminary investigation into the Cranbourne Track for GRVEager, D; Hayati, H; Hossain, I
1-Dec-2011A preliminary investigation into the determination of the inaudibility level of mechanical plant and music noise in the presence of ambient background noisePhillips, SR; Eager, D; Tonin, R
28-Aug-2019A preliminary investigation into the effect of the number of turns and bend starts on injury rates within the greyhound industryEager, D; Mahdavi, F; Stephenson, R; Hossain, I
6-Apr-2018A preliminary investigation into the injury rate for 6 and 8 dog startsMahdavi, F; Hayati, H; Thomas, N; Eager, D
15-Jul-2018Quantifying the surface properties of greyhound racing tracks, Greyhound Racing NSW Curators Conference, Sydney, 14-15 July 2018 (Invited plenary presentation)Eager, D
26-Apr-2017Rate of rotation report The GardensHossain, MI; Eager, D
20-Jun-2017Reducing playground injuries by increasing HIC sampling rate from 8 kHz to 20 kHzEager, D; Chapman, C; White, E
1-Nov-2016Response of a full-face motorcycle helmet FE model to the UNECE 22.05 chin bar impact testWhyte, T; Gibson, T; Eager, D; Milthorpe, B