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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2003HOMER - A High Speed Robot For Indoor ExplorationRozyn, MK; Wilson, NJ; Andrews, M; Eager, DM; Clout, RB; N/A
Jan-2008Integrating a Collaborative Management Model into a Project Scorecard for efficient Cross-Company Project ManagementNiebecker, KD; Eager, DM; Kubitza, K; Plischke, D; Niebecker, K; Eager, D; Kubitza, K; Plischke, D
2015A jumping revolutionEager, DM
2014Management implications - The new playground Standard AS 4685:2014Eager, DM
Jan-2007Movable Soccer GoalEager, DM
-Non-conventional trampolinesEager, DM
1-Dec-2014Performance evaluation of a developed evaporative-cooled HVAC system for energy-efficiency improvementVakiloroaya, V; Eager, DM; Ashrafi, M
26-Jul-2015Playground and surfacing StandardsEager, DM
8-Oct-2015Playground safety and risk management - who dares winsEager, DM
Jan-2005A portable data acquisition system for the measurement of impact attenuation of playground surfacingEager, DM; Chapman, C; Committee, CT
Jan-2011A preliminary investigation into the determination of the inaudibility of mechanical plant and music noise in the presence of ambient background noisePhillips, SR; Eager, DM; Tonin, R; Chair, IHTRC
May-2007Project Management DictionaryEager, DM; David Eager
Jan-2014Project Management During National Crisis: Concept DevelopmentHowsawi, EM; Eager, DM; Bagia, R; Niebecker, KD
Aug-2004Project Management Terms and TerminologyEager, DM
1-Jul-2015Rugby headgear: Why rugby headgear offers little to no protectionEager, DM
2015Studsmattematte - fritt fall och harmonisk svängningsrörelsePendrill, AM; Eager, DM
Jan-2003A Study Into LDPE As An Undersurfacing Material For Injury Prevention and Risk Minimisation In Children's PlaygroundsEager, DM; Barbara Signorelli
Jan-2014Success Strategies For Project Management During National Crises: Insights From The British Aviation Industry During World War TwoHowsawi, EM; Eager, DM; Bagia, R; Niebecker, KD
27-Nov-2015Trampoline Safety – The road to mandatingEager, DM
-TrampolinesEager, DM