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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Jun-2015Behavioral mechanism design: Optimal crowdsourcing contracts and prospect theoryEasley, D; Ghosh, A
1-Dec-2011The characteristics of informed trading: Implications for asset pricingAslan, H; Easley, D; Hvidkjaer, S; O'Hara, M
1-Aug-2016Differential Access to Price Information in Financial MarketsEasley, D; O'Hara, M; Yang, L
1-May-2016Discerning information from trade dataEasley, D; de Prado, ML; O'Hara, M
17-Jan-2011The Exchange of Flow ToxicityEasley, D; Lopez de Prado, M; O'Hara, M
1-May-2012Flow toxicity and liquidity in a high-frequency worldEasley, D; López De Prado, MM; O'Hara, M
1-Jan-2017An improved version of the volume-synchronized probability of informed trading: A commentEasley, D; De Prado, ML; O'Hara, M
1-Jun-2016Incentives, gamification, and game theory: An economic approach to badge designEasley, D; Ghosh, A
1-Jan-2014Leveling the trading fieldEasley, D; Hendershott, T; Ramadorai, T
1-Dec-2015Loss aversion, survival and asset pricesEasley, D; Yang, L
1-May-2013Network Formation in the Presence of Contagious RiskBlume, L; Easley, D; Kleinberg, J; Kleinberg, R; Tardos, É
30-Jun-2011Network formation in the presence of contagious riskBlume, L; Easley, D; Kleinberg, J; Kleinberg, R; Tardos, E
1-Jan-2014Opaque trading, Disclosure, and asset prices: Implications for hedge fund regulationEasley, D; O'Hara, M; Yang, L
1-Jan-2015Optimal execution horizonEasley, D; de Prado, ML; O'Hara, M
1-Sep-2012The volume clock: Insights into the high-frequency paradigmEasley, D; De Prado, MML; O'Hara, M
1-Jan-2014VPIN and the Flash Crash: A rejoinderEasley, D; López de Prado, MM; O'Hara, M
1-Dec-2011Which networks are least susceptible to cascading failures?Blume, L; Easley, D; Kleinberg, J; Kleinberg, R; Tardos, E