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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2005A flexible framework for evaluating the socio-cultural impacts of a small festivalSchlenker, K; Edwards, DC; Sheridan, L
Jan-2010The future of sustainabilityLiburd, J; Edwards, DC; Liburd, JJ; Edwards, D
Jan-2007The Future Of Volunteer Managed Festivals - Where Do We Go From Here?Meyer, P; Edwards, DC; McDonnell, I; Grabowski, S; March, R
Jan-2006How volunteers are organized: a review of three museumsEdwards, DC; Papageorgiou, G
Jan-2005Incorporating Sustainability in Meetings and Event Management EducationPresbury, R; Edwards, DC
Jan-2005It's Mostly About Me: Reasons why volunteers contribute their time to museums and art museumsEdwards, DC
Jan-2006Leisure seeking volunteers in large urban museums: are they committed?Edwards, DC; O'Mahony, GB; Whitelaw, PA
Jan-2007Leisure-seeking volunteers: ethical implicationsEdwards, DC
Jan-2010Managing sustainable festivals, meetings and eventsPresbury, R; Edwards, DC; Liburd, JJ; Edwards, D
Jan-2010Mapping Ultimo, Sydney, for sustainable urbanismRussell, AJ; King, S; Kaji-O'Grady, S; Edwards, DC; Aboutorabi, M; Wesener, A
Jan-2008Megatrends underpinning tourism to 2020: analysis of key drivers for change.Dwyer, L; Edwards, DC; Mistilis, N; Roman, C; Scott, N; Cooper, C
Jan-2005Methodological considerations in pretesting social impact questionnaires: Reporting on the use of focus groupsEdwards, DC; Reid, S; Schlenker, K; Allen, J
Jan-2006Museum volunteers: a discussion of challenges facing managers in the cultural and heritage sectorsEdwards, DC; Graham, M
Jan-2006Residents' expectations and perceptions of the social impacts of community festivalsSchlenker, K; Edwards, DC; Papageorgiou, G
Jan-2010A Scoping Study of Business Events: Beyond Tourism BenefitsFoley, CT; Schlenker, K; Edwards, DC; Hayllar, BR
Jan-2008Sites of experience: The functions of urban tourism precinctsEdwards, DC; Schlenker, K; Griffin, T; Hayllar, BR; Richardson, S; Fredline, L; Patiar, A; Ternel, M
Jan-2010Sustainable operations managementPresbury, R; Edwards, DC; Liburd, JJ; Edwards, D
Jan-2010Sustainable tourism planningDwyer, L; Edwards, DC; Liburd, JJ; Edwards, D
Jan-2013Tasting Arizona Sustainable Food NetworksCarlsen, J; Edwards, DC; Liburd, JL; Carlsen, J; Edwards, D
Jan-2008TourismDwyer, L; Edwards, DC; Mistilis, N; Roman, C; Newton, PW