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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2011Genetic Dynamic Fuzzy Neural Network (GDFNN) for nonlinear system identificationPratama, M; Er, M; Li, X; San, L; Richard, JO; Zhai, L; Torabi, A; Arifin, I; NA
Jan-2004A Hybrid Design Approach to the Development of Mobile Systems in the Construction IndustryDyson, LE; Er, M; Cerpa, N; Bro, P; Pereira, J
1-Aug-2018The Implementation of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in Construction Industry: Case Studies in VietnamLe, NQ; Er, M; Sankaran, S
2010The information system of mobile knowledge workers : an activity theory perspective of information sources and interactionEr, M
11-Aug-2010Information systems and activity theory: A case study of doctors and mobile knowledge workEr, M; Kay, R; Lawrence, E
Jan-2006Innovation for the mobile workforce: An active theory modelEr, M; Underwood, J; Hasan, H; Wymark, G; Findlay, J
1-Jan-2007Longitudinal study of mobile technology adoption: Evolution at workLawence, E; Er, M
1-Oct-2017Management of Construction Projects in Vietnam: An Activity Theory AnalysisEr, M
1-Jan-2019Marketing for the project: project marketing by the contractorEr, M; Turner, R; Lecoeuvre, L; Sankaran, S
4-Mar-2019Marketing for the project: project marketing by the contractorTurner, JR; Lecoeuvre, L; Sankaran, S; Er, M
1-Jan-2005Mobile technology adoption for mobile information systems: An activity theory perspectiveEr, M; Kay, R
2015Private Certification of Construction In NSW: The Strata Managers PerspectiveEr, M; Morris, A
9-Jul-2014Project Case Study: Structural Analysis, Design and Laboratory Testing of a Complex Masonry FacadeTurley, J; Er, M; Morkaya, K
Jan-2012Sources of Information for Mobile Knowledge Workers on Construction ProjectsEr, M; NA
Jan-2008Technology Adoption and the Mobile Worker: The Case of the Field JournalistEr, M; Grudin, DJ; Kellogg, DW
1-Dec-2005Towards an activity theory perspective on mobile information systemsEr, M; Kay, R
1-Jan-2011Using activity theory to examine information systems for supporting mobile workEr, M; Lawrence, E