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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2018Effects of different support conditions on experimental bending strength of thin walled cold formed steel storage upright framesSaleh, A; Far, H; Mok, L
Jan-2010Effects of Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction on Inelastic Behaviour of Mid-Rise Moment Resisting Buildings on Soft SoilsFar, H; Samali, B; Fatahi, B; McCue, K; Anderson, S
Jan-2011Effects of Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction on Performance Level of Moment Resisting Buildings Resting on Different Types of SoilFar, H; Fatahi, B; Samali, B; Technical Committee
Jan-2012Effects of soil-pile-structure interaction on seismic response of moment resisting buildings on soft soilSadeghi Hokmabadi, A; Fatahi, B; Far, H; Samali, B; ATALAR, C; CiNiCiOGLU, F; DAS, BM; SAGLAMER, A; TOGROL, E
10-Jul-2007Effects of SoilStructure Interaction on Seismic Behavior of Ductile Reinforced Concrete Moment Resisting FramesFar, H
3-Apr-2018Evaluation of structural systems in slender high-rise buildingsWalsh, P; Saleh, A; Far, H
2-Jan-2019Experimental investigation on creep behaviour of composite sandwich panels constructed from polystyrene/cement-mixed cores and thin cement sheet facingsFar, H; Far, C
17-Nov-2015Experimental Investigations on Behaviour of Steel Structure BuildingsFar, H; Far, C; Khadivi Zand, MJ
1-Jul-2019Improving energy efficiency of existing residential buildings using effective thermal retrofit of building envelopeFar, C; Far, H
Jan-2010Influence Of Soil Characteristics On Seismic Response Of Mid-Rise Moment Resisting Buildings Considering Soil-Structure InteractionFatahi, B; Far, H; Samali, B; Rujikiatkamjorn, C; McUveen, J; Lamont, R; Haysler, M
1-Jan-2019Investigation on properties of coarse reclaimed aggregates and their effects on concrete strength and workabilityLy, BT; Far, H
10-Feb-2013Lateral seismic response of building frames considering dynamic soil-structure interaction effectsFar, H; Fatahi, B; Samali, B
1-Jan-2017Long-term structural behaviour of composite sandwich panelsFar, H; Far, C
1-Aug-2018Numerical investigation of the design of single-span steel portal frames using the effective length and direct analysis methodsIngkiriwang, YG; Far, H
1-Aug-2018Portal steel trusses vs. portal steel frames for long-span industrial buildingsHaydar, H; Far, H; Saleh, A
Jan-2010Seismic Behaviour of Steel Moment Resisting Buildings on Soft Soil Considering Soil-Structure InteractionFar, H; Fatahi, B; Samali, B; Technical Committee
16-Nov-2015Shaking Table Tests on Soil-Structure System to Determine Lateral Seismic Response of BuildingsFar, H
Jan-2012Significance of bedrock depth in dynamic soil-structure interaction analysis for moment resisting framesFatahi, B; Far, H; Sadeghi Hokmabadi, A; Samali, B; MAUGERI, M; SOCCODATO, C
1-Mar-2017Significance of using isolated footing technique for residential construction on expansive soilsFar, H; Flint, D
1-Nov-2017A simplified method to determine shear stiffness of thin walled cold formed steel storage rack framesFar, H; Saleh, A; Firouzianhaji, A