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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-08-01Same...same but different: Expectations of graduates from two midwifery education courses in AustraliaHammond, A; Gray, J; Smith, R; Fenwick, J; Homer, CS
2012-04-01Sex, condoms and sexually transmissible infections: A qualitative study of sexual health in young Australian menSmith, JL; Fenwick, J; Skinner, R; Hallet, J; Merriman, G; Marshall, L
2005-10Speculum 'self-insertion': a pilot study.Wright, D; Fenwick, J; Stephenson, P; Monterosso, L
2010-06A story of scrutiny and fear: Australian midwives' experiences of an external review of obstetric services, being involved with litigation and the impact on clinical practice.Hood, L; Fenwick, J; Butt, J
2001-01-01Struggling to mother: A consequence of inhibitive nursing interactions in the neonatal nurseryFenwick, J; Barclay, L; Schmied, V
2012-07-01Surviving, not thriving: A qualitative study of newly qualified midwives' experience of their transition to practiceFenwick, J; Hammond, A; Raymond, J; Smith, R; Gray, J; Foureur, M; Homer, C; Symon, A
2023-03Taking the reins: A grounded theory study of women's experiences of negotiating water immersion for labour and birth after a previous caesarean section.Townsend, B; Fenwick, J; McInnes, R; Sidebotham, M
2023-05The social organisation of decision-making about intrapartum fetal monitoring: An Institutional Ethnography.Small, KA; Sidebotham, M; Fenwick, J; Gamble, J
2001-10'They've forgotten that I'm the mum': constructing and practising motherhood in special care nurseries.Lupton, D; Fenwick, J
2011-02-01A Western Australian survey of breastfeeding initiation, prevalence and early cessation patternsHauck, YL; Fenwick, J; Dhaliwal, SS; Butt, J
2010-03Western Australian women's perceptions of the style and quality of midwifery postnatal care in hospital and at home.Fenwick, J; Butt, J; Dhaliwal, S; Hauck, Y; Schmied, V
2023-12-22What do women in Australia want from their maternity care: A scoping review.Faktor, L; Small, K; Bradfield, Z; Baird, K; Fenwick, J; Gray, JE; Robinson, M; Warton, C; Cusack, S; Homer, CS
2010-08Why do women request caesarean section in a normal, healthy first pregnancy?Fenwick, J; Staff, L; Gamble, J; Creedy, DK; Bayes, S
2011-09-01Women's experiences of attending a creative arts program during their pregnancyDemecs, IP; Fenwick, J; Gamble, J
2017-07Women's experiences of labour and birth when having a termination of pregnancy for fetal abnormality in the second trimester of pregnancy: A qualitative meta-synthesis.Jones, K; Baird, K; Fenwick, J
2017-09-01Working with Vulnerable Pregnant Women Who Are At Risk of Having their Babies Removed by the Child Protection Agency in New South Wales, AustraliaEveritt, L; Homer, C; Fenwick, J
2011-01-01Young males' perspectives on pregnancy, fatherhood and condom use: Where does responsibility for birth control lie?Smith, JL; Fenwick, J; Skinner, R; Merriman, G; Hallett, J