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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2016Reflection is hard: Teaching and learning reflective practice in a software studioPrior, J; Ferguson, S; Leaney, J
1-Jan-2014Retrogaming as visual feedback for speech therapyTan, CT; Johnston, A; Bluff, A; Ferguson, S; Ballard, KJ
1-Jan-2014The Role of Emotions in Art EvaluationTan, CT; Ferguson, S
Jan-2012The Role of Musical Features in the Perception of Initial EmotionTaylor, D; Schubert, E; Ferguson, S; McPherson, GE; Barthet, M; Dixon, S
1-Oct-2013Salutogenesis and normal birthFerguson, S; Davis, D; Browne, J
10-Oct-2013The six emotion-face clock as a tool for continuously rating discrete emotional responses to musicSchubert, E; Ferguson, S; Farrar, N; Taylor, D; McPherson, GE
Jan-2013Sonifying every day: Activating everyday interactions for ambient sonification systemsFerguson, S; Strumillo, P; Bujacz, M; Popielata, M
30-Oct-2013sPeAK-MAN: Towards popular gameplay for speech therapyTan, CT; Johnston, A; Ballard, K; Ferguson, S; Perera-Schulz, D
1-Jan-2014Speech invaders &amp; Yak-man: Retrogames for speech therapyTan, CT; Johnston, A; Bluff, A; Ferguson, S; Ballard, KJ
8-Apr-2014The Role of Emotions in Art EvaluationTan, C; Ferguson, S; Candy, L; Ferguson, S
Jan-2010Understanding and Evaluating User Centred Design in Wearable ExpressionsNugroho, J; Beilharz, KA; Beilharz, K; Ferguson, S; Chen, A
1-Mar-2018Understanding media multiplicitiesBown, O; Ferguson, S
Jan-2006Using Psychoacoustical Models for Information SonificationFerguson, S; Cabrera, D; Beilharz, KA; Song, H; al, TSE
30-Oct-2012Visual feedback of acoustic data for speech therapy: Model and design parametersFerguson, S; Johnston, A; Ballard, K; Tan, CT; Perera-Schulz, D
1-Jul-2018What women value in the midwifery continuity of care model: A systematic review with meta-synthesisPerriman, N; Davis, DL; Ferguson, S
1-Apr-2018Women's motivation, perception and experience of complementary and alternative medicine in pregnancy: A meta-synthesisBowman, RL; Davis, DL; Ferguson, S; Taylor, J
23-Oct-2018Your move sounds so predictable!Loke, L; Bown, O; Ferguson, S; Bray, L; Fraietta, A; Packham, K