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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Sep-2015Non-parametric consistency test for multiple-sensing-modality data fusionGerardo-Castro, MP; Peynot, T; Ramos, F; Fitch, R
1-Jan-2014Online decentralized information gathering with spatial-temporal constraintsGan, SK; Fitch, R; Sukkarieh, S
1-Jan-2015Online localization of radio-tagged wildlife with an autonomous aerial robot systemCliff, OM; Fitch, R; Sukkarieh, S; Saunders, DL; Heinsohn, R
2018Online Multi-modal Learning and Adaptive Informative Trajectory Planning for Autonomous ExplorationArora, A; Furlong, PM; Fitch, R; Fong, T; Sukkarieh, S; Elphic, R; Hutter, M; Siegwart, R
1-Apr-2018Online planning for multi-robot active perception with self-organising mapsBest, G; Faigl, J; Fitch, R
1-Jun-2017Path planning with spatiotemporal optimal stopping for stochastic mission monitoringBest, G; Martens, W; Fitch, R
10-Sep-2018Planning-Aware Communication for Decentralised Multi-Robot CoordinationBest, G; Forrai, M; Mettu, RR; Fitch, R
Dec-2016Probabilistic Maximum Set Cover with Path Constraints for Informative Path PlanningBest, G; Fitch, R
1-Jan-2013Probabilistic temporal logic for motion planning with resource threshold constraintsYoo, C; Fitch, R; Sukkarieh, S
14-Nov-2013Provably-correct stochastic motion planning with safety constraintsYoo, C; Fitch, R; Sukkarieh, S
1-Jan-2012Real-time decentralized search with inter-agent collision avoidanceGan, SK; Fitch, R; Sukkarieh, S
1-Aug-2016Real-time path planning for long-term information gathering with an aerial gliderNguyen, JL; Lawrance, NRJ; Fitch, R; Sukkarieh, S
1-Jan-2013Resilient navigation through probabilistic modality reconfigurationPeynot, T; Fitch, R; McAllister, R; Alempijevic, A
1-Dec-2010RobotAssist - A platform for human robot interaction researchKirchner, N; Alempijevic, A; Caraian, S; Fitch, R; Hordern, D; Hu, G; Paul, G; Richards, D; Singh, SPN; Webb, S
31-Oct-2018Robotic ecology: Tracking small dynamic animals with an autonomous aerial vehicleCliff, OM; Saunders, DL; Fitch, R
1-Jan-2015Robotics for sustainable broad-acre agricultureBall, D; Ross, P; English, A; Patten, T; Upcroft, B; Fitch, R; Sukkarieh, S; Wyeth, G; Corke, P
1-Jan-2014Robust multiple-sensing-modality data fusion using Gaussian Process Implicit SurfacesGerardo-Castro, MP; Peynot, T; Ramos, F; Fitch, R
1-Jan-2014Scalable multi-radio communication in modular robotsKuo, V; Fitch, R
1-Jan-2015A spatiotemporal optimal stopping problem for mission monitoring with stationary viewpointsBest, G; Martens, W; Fitch, R
1-Jan-2015User interface and coverage planner for agricultural roboticsRichards, D; Patten, T; Fitch, R; Ball, D; Sukkarieh, S