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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Nov-2014Phonon pressure coefficients and deformation potentials of wurtzite AlN determined by uniaxial pressure-dependent Raman measurementsCallsen, G; Wagner, MR; Reparaz, JS; Nippert, F; Kure, T; Kalinowski, S; Hoffmann, A; Ford, MJ; Phillips, MR; Dalmau, RF; Schlesser, R; Collazo, R; Sitar, Z
1-Jan-2009The physics and optical properties of goldBlaber, MG; Ford, MJ; Cortie, MB
15-May-2007Plasmon absorption in nanospheres: A comparison of sodium, potassium, aluminium, silver and goldBlaber, MG; Arnold, MD; Harris, N; Ford, MJ; Cortie, MB
15-May-2007Plasmonic heating and its possible exploitation in nanolithographyCortie, MB; Harris, N; Ford, MJ
19-Feb-2009Plasmonic resonances of closely coupled gold nanosphere chainsHarris, N; Arnold, MD; Blaber, MG; Ford, MJ
5-Oct-2006Prediction of increased tunneling current by bond length stretch in molecular break junctionsHoft, RC; Ford, MJ; Cortie, MB
10-Nov-2015A priori calculations of the free energy of formation from solution of polymorphic self-Assembled monolayersReimers, JR; Panduwinata, D; Visser, J; Chin, Y; Tang, C; Goerigk, L; Ford, MJ; Sintic, M; Sum, TJ; Coenen, MJJ; Hendriksen, BLM; Elemans, JAAW; Hush, NS; Crossley, MJ
2-May-2016Problems, successes and challenges for the application of dispersion-corrected density-functional theory combined with dispersion-based implicit solvent models to large-scale hydrophobic self-assembly and polymorphismReimers, JR; Ford, MJ; Goerigk, L
1-Jan-2003Quantum electrical characteristics of nanocapacitorsEkanayake, SR; Rodanski, BS; Cortie, MB; Ford, MJ
16-Dec-2016Quantum emission from hexagonal boron nitride monolayersTran, TT; Bray, K; Ford, MJ; Toth, M; Aharonovich, I
29-Jan-2009Rapid and controllable sintering of gold nanoparticle inks at room temperature using a chemical agentCoutts, MJ; Cortie, MB; Ford, MJ; McDonagh, AM
2-Apr-2010A review of the optical properties of alloys and intermetallics for plasmonicsBlaber, MG; Arnold, MD; Ford, MJ
25-Oct-2017Robust multicolor single photon emission from point defects in hexagonal boron nitrideTran, TT; Elbadawi, C; Totonjian, D; Lobo, CJ; Grosso, G; Moon, H; Englund, DR; Ford, MJ; Aharonovich, I; Toth, M
1-Jan-2017Robust Multicolor Single Photon Emission from Point Defects in Hexagonal Boron NitrideToan, TT; Elbadawi, C; Totonjian, D; Lobo, CJ; Grosso, G; Moon, H; Englund, DR; Ford, MJ; Aharonovich, I; Toth, M
19-Apr-2017Robust Solid-State Quantum System Operating at 800 KKianinia, M; Regan, B; Tawfik, SA; Tran, TT; Ford, MJ; Aharonovich, I; Toth, M
26-Feb-2009Search for the ideal lasmonic nanoshell: the effects of surface scattering and alternatives to gold and silverBlaber, MG; Arnold, MD; Ford, MJ
5-Jul-2011SIESTA: Properties and ApplicationsFord, MJ
15-Jun-2007Stability of the tetrahedral motif for small gold clusters in the size range 16-24 atomsFord, MJ; Soulé de Bas, B; Cortie, MB
1-Feb-2017Sulfur ligand mediated electrochemistry of gold surfaces and nanoparticles: What, how, and whyChi, Q; Ford, MJ; Halder, A; Hush, NS; Reimers, JR; Ulstrup, J
1-Jan-2018Superconductivity in intercalated buckled two-dimensional materials: KGe<inf>2</inf>Tawfik, SA; Stampfl, C; Ford, MJ