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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Feb-2009Search for the ideal lasmonic nanoshell: the effects of surface scattering and alternatives to gold and silverBlaber, MG; Arnold, MD; Ford, MJ
5-Jul-2011SIESTA: Properties and ApplicationsFord, MJ
15-Jun-2007Stability of the tetrahedral motif for small gold clusters in the size range 16-24 atomsFord, MJ; Soulé de Bas, B; Cortie, MB
1-Feb-2017Sulfur ligand mediated electrochemistry of gold surfaces and nanoparticles: What, how, and whyChi, Q; Ford, MJ; Halder, A; Hush, NS; Reimers, JR; Ulstrup, J
1-Jan-2018Superconductivity in intercalated buckled two-dimensional materials: KGe<inf>2</inf>Tawfik, SA; Stampfl, C; Ford, MJ
1-Jan-2017Surface AdsorptionReimers, JR; Li, M; Wan, D; Gould, T; Ford, MJ
1-Mar-2011Systematic study of bimodal suspensions of latex nanoparticles using dynamic light scatteringJamting, AK; Cullen, J; Coleman, VA; Lawn, M; Herrmann, J; Miles, J; Ford, MJ
3-Nov-2005Theoretical study of ethynylbenzene adsorption on Au(111) and implications for a new class of self-assembled monolayerFord, MJ; Hoft, RC; McDonagh, A
8-Sep-2010Transmitting hertzian optical nanoantenna with free-electron feedDenisyuk, AI; Adamo, G; MacDonald, KF; Edgar, J; Arnold, MD; Myroshnychenko, V; Ford, MJ; García De Abajo, FJ; Zheludev, NI
8-Jun-2004Trends in the band structures of the group-I and -II oxidesMikajlo, EA; Dorsett, HE; Ford, MJ
1-Dec-2017Tunable and high-purity room temperature single-photon emission from atomic defects in hexagonal boron nitrideGrosso, G; Moon, H; Lienhard, B; Ali, S; Efetov, DK; Furchi, MM; Jarillo-Herrero, P; Ford, MJ; Aharonovich, I; Englund, D
1-Jan-2008Tunable infrared absorption by metal nanoparticles: The case for gold rods and shellsHarris, N; Ford, MJ; Mulvaney, P; Cortie, MB
25-Oct-2017Tunable quantum emission from atomic defects in hexagonal boron nitrideGrosso, G; Moon, H; Lienhard, B; Ali, S; Furchi, MM; Walsh, M; Efetov, DK; Jarillo-Herrero, P; Ford, MJ; Aharonovich, I; Englund, D
1-Jan-2016Ultra-bright emission from hexagonal boron nitride defects as a new platform for bio-imaging and bio-labellingElbadawi, C; Tran, TT; Shimoni, O; Totonjian, D; Lobo, CJ; Grosso, G; Moon, H; Englund, DR; Ford, MJ; Aharonovich, I; Toth, M
13-Mar-2018Understanding and Calibrating Density-Functional-Theory Calculations Describing the Energy and Spectroscopy of Defect Sites in Hexagonal Boron NitrideReimers, JR; Sajid, A; Kobayashi, R; Ford, MJ
29-Mar-2010Universal scaling of local plasmons in chains of metal spheresArnold, MD; Blaber, MG; Ford, MJ; Harris, N
1-Jan-2018Van der Waals forces control ferroelectric-antiferroelectric ordering in CuInP <inf>2</inf> S <inf>6</inf> and CuBiP <inf>2</inf> Se <inf>6</inf> laminar materialsReimers, JR; Tawfik, SA; Ford, MJ
-van der Waals forces control the internal chemical structure of monolayers within ABP2X6 lamellar materialsTawfik, SA; Reimers, JR; Stampfl, C; Ford, MJ
4-Oct-2018Van der Waals Forces Control the Internal Chemical Structure of Monolayers within the Lamellar Materials CuInP<inf>2</inf>S<inf>6</inf> and CuBiP<inf>2</inf>Se<inf>6</inf>Tawfik, SA; Reimers, JR; Stampfl, C; Ford, MJ