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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Becoming Flexible: Self-flexibility and its PedagogiesFox, S; Swan, E
1-Mar-2009Becoming flexible: Self-flexibility and its pedagogiesSwan, E; Fox, S
Jan-2009Contexts of teaching and learning: an actor-network view of the classroomFox, S; Edwards, R; Biesta, G; Thorpe, M
Jan-2009Discourse and policy in the learning and skills sectorKerr, R; Fox, S; Cox, JW; LeTrent-Jones, TG; Voronov, M
Jan-2009Following the action in action learning: towards ethnomethodological studies of (critical) action learningFox, S
Jan-2006Inquiries of every imaginable kind: Ethnomethodology, practical action and the new socially situated learning theoryFox, S
Jan-2005Management Education and Leadershipcox, S; Fox, S; Cooper, CL
20-Jul-2019O Partner, Where Art Thou? A critical discursive analysis of HR managers’ struggle for legitimacyHeizmann, H; Fox, S
1-Oct-2019Pain education for adolescents and young adults living beyond cancer: An interdisciplinary meeting reportHeathcote, LC; Allen, JM; Gunn, KM; Fox, S; Harvie, DS; Olver, I; Skinner, IW; Smith, AG; Stanton, TR; Whitford, HS; Moseley, GL
1-Sep-2010Playing the game: Strategies of resistance and co-optation in diversity workSwan, E; Fox, S
Jan-2005Powers in a FactoryVickers, D; Fox, S; Czarniawska; Barbara; Hernes; Tor
Jan-2008'That miracle of familiar organizational things': Social and moral order in the MBA classroomFox, S
Jan-2009'This interpreted world': Two turns to the social in management learningFox, S
Jan-2010Towards practice-based studies of HRM: an actor-network and communities of practice informed approachVickers, D; Fox, S
1-Oct-2013Uncertainty reduction through everyday performative language workNikolova, N; Clegg, S; Fox, S; Bjørkeng, K; Pitsis, T