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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-2013The contagion effect of low-quality auditsFrancis, JR; Michas, PN
1-Mar-2013Does audit market concentration harm the quality of audited earnings? Evidence from audit markets in 42 countriesFrancis, JR; Michas, PN; Seavey, SE
1-Sep-2009Does Corporate Transparency Contribute to Efficient Resource AllocationFrancis, JR; Huang, S; Khurana, IK; Pereira, R
1-Jan-2003The effects of firm-wide and office-level industry expertise on audit pricingFerguson, A; Francis, JR; Stokes, DJ
1-May-2011A framework for understanding and researching audit qualityFrancis, JR
1-Mar-2008The joint effect of investor protection and big 4 audits on earnings quality around the worldFrancis, JR; Wang, D
Jan-2013Office Size of Big 4 Auditors and Client RestatementsFrancis, JR; Michas, PN; Yu, MD
Jan-2013Office Size of Big 4 Auditors and Client RestatementsFrancis, JR; Michas, PN; Yu, MD
1-Dec-2013Office size of big 4 auditors and client restatementsFrancis, JR; Michas, PN; Yu, MD
1-Mar-2018Public Company Audits and City-Specific Labor CharacteristicsBeck, MJ; Francis, JR; Gunn, JL
1-Jun-2011The relative importance of firm incentives versus country factors in the demand for assurance services by private entitiesFrancis, JR; Khurana, IK; Martin, X; Pereira, R
1-Jul-2008The role of firm-specific incentives and country factors in explaining voluntary IAS adoptions: Evidence from private firmsFrancis, JR; Khurana, IK; Martin, X; Pereira, R
1-Jan-2016The Role of Similar Accounting Standards in Cross-Border Mergers and AcquisitionsFrancis, JR; Huang, SX; Khurana, IK
1-Mar-2012Selection models in accounting researchLennox, CS; Francis, JR; Wang, Z
1-Mar-2016The spillover of SOX on earnings quality in non-U.S. jurisdictionsDutillieux, W; Francis, JR; Willekens, M
1-Mar-2006What matters in audit pricing: Industry specialization or overall market leadership?Ferguson, AC; Francis, JR; Stokes, DJ