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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2016Interactive MacroeconomicsDi Guilmi, C; Gallegati, M; Landini, S
4-Apr-2017Interactive macroeconomics: Stochastic aggregate dynamics with heterogeneous and interacting agentsDi Guilmi, C; Landini, S; Gallegati, M
Jan-2005International evidence on business cycle magnitude dependenceDi Guilmi, C; Gaffeo, E; Gallegati, M; Palestrini, A
1-Jan-2005A new approach to business fluctuations: Heterogeneous interacting agents, scaling laws and financial fragilityGatti, DD; Di Guilmi, C; Gaffeo, E; Giulioni, G; Gallegati, M; Palestrini, A
1-Sep-2012On the mean/variance relationship of the firm size distribution: Evidence and some theoryGaffeo, E; Di Guilmi, C; Gallegati, M; Russo, A
Jan-2003Power Law Scaling in World Income DistributionDi Guilmi, C; Gaffeo, E; Gallegati, M
2-Nov-2012Reconstructing aggregate dynamics in heterogeneous agents models a markovian approachDelli Gatti, D; Di Guilmi, C; Gallegati, M; Landini, S
1-Mar-2004Scaling invariant distributions of firms' exit in OECD countriesDi Guilmi, C; Gallegati, M; Ormerod, P
Jan-2008Scaling laws in the macroeconomyDelli Gatti, D; Di Guilmi, C; Gallegati, M; Gaffeo, E; Giulioni, G; Palestrini, A
1-Jun-2008Social networks and labour productivity in Europe: An empirical investigationDi Guilmi, C; Clementi, F; Di Matteo, T; Gallegati, M
2012Towards an Analytical Solution for Agent Based Models: An Application to a Credit Network EconomyDi Guilmi, C; Gallegati, M; Landini, S; Stiglitz, JE; Aoki, M; Binmore, K; Deakin, S; Gintis, H