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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Oct-2015Mathematical Programming Approaches for Interval Structural Behaviour and Stability AnalysisWu, D; Gao, W; Song, C; Luo, Z
1-Mar-2018Modelling and application of fuzzy adaptive minimum spanning tree in tourism agglomeration area divisionGao, W; Zhang, Q; Lu, Z; Wu, D; Du, X
Aug-2019Modelling non-isothermal chloride ingress in unsaturated cement-based materialsYu, Y; Chen, X; Gao, W; Wu, D; Castel, A
1-Feb-2009A new method for random vibration analysis of stochastic truss structuresGao, W; Zhang, N; Ji, J
1-Jan-2018A new sequential sampling method for constructing the high-order polynomial surrogate modelsWu, J; Luo, Z; Zhang, N; Gao, W
30-Jul-2017A new sequential sampling method for constructing the high-order polynomial surrogate modelsWu, J; Luo, Z; Zhang, N; Gao, W
1-Nov-2007Optimal active random vibration control for smart truss structures based on reliabilityGao, W; Zhang, N
12-Aug-2013Optimization-based interval dynamic response analysis of a bridge under a moving vehicle with uncertain propertiesLiu, N; Gao, W; Song, CM; Zhang, N
Jan-2008Probabilistic and interval static response analysis of truss structures with uncertain parametersGao, W; Zhang, N
30-May-2011Probabilistic dynamic analysis of vehicle-bridge interaction system with uncertain parametersLiu, N; Gao, W; Song, CM; Zhang, N
1-May-2011Random displacement and acceleration responses of vehicles with uncertaintyDai, J; Gao, W; Zhang, N
Jan-2009Random Vibration of Multistory buildings with UncertaintyDai, J; Gao, W; Zhang, N; Committee, CT
1-Jan-2017Recommendation vs sentiment analysis: A text-driven latent factor model for rating prediction with cold-start awarenessSong, K; Gao, W; Feng, S; Wang, D; Wong, KF; Zhang, C
1-Jan-2010Robust fuzzy control of an active magnetic bearing subject to voltage saturationDu, H; Zhang, N; Ji, JC; Gao, W
1-Feb-2010Seismic random vibration analysis of shear beams with random structural parametersDai, J; Gao, W; Zhang, N; Liu, N
Jan-2007Seismic response analysis of random truss structuresGao, W; Veidt, M; Albermani, F; Daniel, B; Griffiths, J; Hargreaves, D; McAree, R; Meehan, P; Tan, A
1-Jan-2011Shape morphing of laminated composite structures with photostrictive actuators via topology optimizationLuo, Z; Luo, Q; Tong, L; Gao, W; Song, C
Mar-2018Speed control of mobile chargers serving wireless rechargeable networksChen, F; Zhao, Z; Min, G; Gao, W; Chen, J; Duan, H; Yang, P
1-Dec-2008A stochastic quarter-car model for dynamic analysis of vehicles with uncertain parametersGao, W; Zhang, N; Dai, J
20-Apr-2012Structural shape and topology optimization using a meshless Galerkin level set methodLuo, Z; Zhang, N; Gao, W; Ma, H