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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2016Deriving public sector workforce insights: A case study using Australian public sector employment profilesGhosh, S; Zheng, Y; Lammers, T; Chen, YY; Fitzmaurice, C; Johnston, S; Li, J
Jan-2013Designing food efficient urban formsGhosh, S; Gurran, N; Phibbs, P; Thompson, S
1-Apr-2018Discovering pan-correlation patterns from time course data sets by efficient mining algorithmsLiu, Q; Ghosh, S; Li, J; Wong, L; Ramamohanarao, K
11-Dec-2006Domestic energy sustainability of different urban residential patterns: A New Zealand approachGhosh, S; Vale, R; Vale, B
5-Dec-2018Evaluating factors influencing the uncontrolled growth of urban-rural belt – a case study of Delhi, IndiaRay, M; Ghosh, S; Wilkinson, S
31-Oct-2017Expanding The Living Architecture In AustraliaWilkinson, SJ; Brown, P; Ghosh, S
26-Sep-2016Exploring local food sustainability potential and ‘Agrarian Urbanism’ in the regional city of DubboGhosh, S
2016Exploring urban design quality of movement networks in two master planned peri urban case studiesGhosh, S
2016Food Efficient Planning and Design for Peri-Urban NeighbourhoodsGhosh, S; Maheshwari, B; Singh, VP; Thoradeniya,, B
22-Sep-2016Food urbanism, place making and sustainability performance in two institutional rooftop gardens in Sydney, AustraliaGhosh, S; Wilkinson, S
6-Jun-2017Green walls and roofs: A mandatory or voluntary approach for Australia? LiteratureWilkinson, SJ; Ghosh, S; Pelleri, N
20-Jul-2016Greening grey rail corridors in Sydney: the potential for enhanced carbon storage and other ecosystem benefitsBlair, J; Ghosh, S; Yung, S-H
1-Jan-2017Greening Rail Infrastructure for Carbon BenefitsBlair, J; Roldan, C; Ghosh, S; Yung, SH
1-Jan-2017Greening Rail Infrastructure for Carbon BenefitsBlair, J; Roldan, C; Ghosh, S; Yung, SH
Jan-2011Growing healthy local food: sustainability potential and household participation in home gardensGhosh, S; Whitzman, C; Fincher, R
1-Jan-2016Hypotension Risk Prediction via Sequential Contrast Patterns of ICU Blood PressureGhosh, S; Feng, M; Nguyen, H; Li, J
1-Jun-2006Indications from sustainability indicatorsGhosh, S; Vale, R; Vale, B
4-Feb-2019Inverse similarity and reliable negative samples for drug side-effect predictionZheng, Y; Peng, H; Ghosh, S; Lan, C; Li, J
Jan-2007Is policy leading to improved sustainability at the local urban scale?Ghosh, S; Vale, R; -
14-May-2014The life and death of the Australian backyardGhosh, S