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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Oct-2017Measuring Integrated Sustainability Performance And Self-Sufficiency Of Three Residential Precincts In SydneyGhosh, S
13-Jul-2016Measuring Sustainability Performance For A Multiunit Residential Development Case Study In SydneyPanahian, M; Ding, G; Ghosh, S; Singhaputtangkul, N
1-Jan-2014Measuring sustainability performance of local food production in home gardensGhosh, S
1-Aug-2007Metrics of local environmental sustainability: A case study in Auckland, New ZealandGhosh, S; Vale, R; Vale, B
1-Mar-2019A New DC-DC Converter for Photovoltaic Systems: Coupled-Inductors Combined Cuk-SEPIC ConverterNathan, K; Ghosh, S; Siwakoti, Y; Long, T
1-Jan-2017An optimized drug similarity framework for side-effect predictionZheng, Y; Ghosh, S; Li, J
21-Oct-2013Options for green roof retrofit and urban food production in the Sydney CBDWilkinson, S; Ghosh, S; Page, L
Jan-2013Options for green roof retrofit and urban food production in the Sydney CBDWilkinson, SJ; Ghosh, S; Page, L; -
1-Jan-2006The potential for solar energy use in a new zealand residential neighbourhood: A case study considering the effect on co<inf>2</inf> emissions and the possible benefits of changing roof formGhosh, S; Vale, R
12-Jul-2016The potential of Transport for NSW (TfNSW) rail corridors for carbon sequestration and other benefitsGhosh, S; Yung, SH
2019Potential of trees to mitigate climate change impacts in a railway corridor case study in SydneyGhosh, S; Khan, F
1-Jan-2014Predicting heart beats using co-occurring constrained sequential patternsGhosh, S; Feng, M; Nguyen, H; Li, J
13-Oct-2016Predicting short-term ICU outcomes using a sequential contrast motif based classification frameworkGhosh, S; Nguyen, H; Li, J
1-Jan-2009Retrofitting the suburban garden: Morphologies and some elements of sustainability potential of two Australian residential suburbs comparedGhosh, S; Head, L
1-Jan-2014Risk prediction for acute hypotensive patients by using gap constrained sequential contrast patternsGhosh, S; Feng, M; Nguyen, H; Li, J
10-Jul-2015Roles of a roof top garden in enhancing social participation and urban regeneration in Sydney CBD.Ghosh, S; Wilkinson, SJ
1-Feb-2017Septic shock prediction for ICU patients via coupled HMM walking on sequential contrast patternsGhosh, S; Li, J; Cao, L; Ramamohanarao, K
8-Nov-2017Social Aspects of Aboriginal Gardens in Penrith CityGhosh, S; Howitt, R
Aug-2016Social aspects of institutional rooftop gardensGhosh, S; Vanni,, I; Giovanangeli,, A; Wilkinson,, S; Dixon,, T
22-Jul-2016Social aspects of institutional rooftop gardensGhosh, S; Vanni, I; Giovanangeli, A; Wilkinson, S; Dixon, T