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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Aug-2018DevOps reference architecture for multi-cloud IOT applicationsGhantous, GB; Gill, AQ
1-Jan-2018Digital capability dissectedKorhonen, JJ; Gill, AQ
2015Distributed Agile Development Communication: An Agile Architecture Driven Framework.Alzoubi, YI; Gill, AQ; Al-Ani, A
1-Jul-2016Do They Miss the Lectures? – Flipped Classroom Perception by Software Engineering StudentsWeilemann, E; Brune, P; Gill, AQ
1-Dec-2011An empirical analysis of cloud, mobile, social and green computing: Financial services it strategy and enterprise architectureGill, AQ; Bunker, D; Seltsikas, P
1-Jan-2016Empirical studies of geographically distributed agile development communication challenges: A systematic reviewAlzoubi, YI; Gill, AQ; Al-Ani, A
1-Jan-2013An enterprise architecture driven approach to virtualisationSmith, S; Gill, AQ; Hasan, H; Ghobadi, S
1-Jan-2012Evaluating a communication technology assessment tool (CTAT): A case of a cloud based communication toolGill, AQ; Bunker, D; Seltsikas, P
2-Nov-2011An evaluation of the goal-oriented approaches for modelling strategic alignment conceptBabar, A; Wong, B; Gill, AQ
28-Sep-2016Exploring the Role of Enterprise Architecture in IS-enabled Ot: An EA Principles PerspectiveLumor, T; Chew, E; Gill, AQ
4-Dec-2017Fog Computing Challenges: A Systematic ReviewDasgupta, A; Gill, AQ
2012Handling the Complexity of ISD Projects with Agile Methods: A Conceptual Foundation.Raduescu, C; Gill, AQ; Linger, H; Fisher, J; Barnden, A; Barry, C; Lang, M; Schneider, C
2014Hybrid Adaptive Software Development Capability: An Empirical Study.Gill, AQ
1-Jan-2018Investigating the relationship between business analysts’ competency and IS requirements elicitation: A thematic-analysis approachBabar, A; Bunker, D; Gill, AQ
22-Mar-2017IoT architectural concerns: A systematic reviewGill, AQ; Behbood, V; Ramadan-Jradi, R; Beydoun, G
23-Mar-2018IoT enabled smart buildings: A systematic reviewBashir, MR; Gill, AQ
1-Jun-2016IoT-enabled emergency information supply chain architecture for elderly people: The Australian contextGill, AQ; Phennel, N; Lane, D; Phung, VL
1-Jan-2015Learning Enterprise Agile Software Engineering Scaling Agility at the Enterprise LevelGill, AQ
2-Mar-2018A measurement model to analyze the effect of agile enterprise architecture on geographically distributed agile developmentAlzoubi, Y; Gill, AQ; Moulton, B
Jan-2006Measuring agility and adaptibility of agile methods: A 4 dimensional analytical toolGill, AQ; Henderson-Sellers, B; Guimaraes, N; Isaias, P; Goikoetxea, A