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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2008Port politics: Indian Seamen, Australian Unions and Indonesian Independence, 1945-47Goodall, H
23-Jul-2014Publication Jejak Revolusi 1945, 1989P.R.S. Mani; Goodall, H
22-Jul-2014Publication of radio broadcast by Mohammad Hatta, Vice President of Republic of Indonesia, 22 Jun 1946P.R.S. Mani; Goodall, H
23-Jul-2014Publication Story of Indonesian Revolution, 1945-1950, (annotated by P.R.S. Mani), 1986P.R.S. Mani; Goodall, H
1-Jul-2019Reimagining Asia: Indian and Australian women crossing bordersGoodall, H; Ghosh, D
1-Aug-2008Riding the Tide: Indigenous knowledge, history and water in a changing AustraliaGoodall, H
Jan-2009Rivers and Resilience: Aboriginal people on Sydney's Georges RiverGoodall, H; Cadzow, AJ
Jan-2009Salt Pan Creek: rivers as border zones within the colonial cityGoodall, H; Cadzow, AJ; Ghosh, D; Goodall, H; Donald, S
23-Jul-2014Script for radio broadcast delivered in India titled Bread and Stone, 1989P.R.S. Mani; Goodall, H
22-Jul-2014Scripts for radio broadcasts delivered in India about British Army Burma Campaign, 1944P.R.S. Mani; Goodall, H
Jan-2010Shared Hopes, New worlds: Indian seamen, Australian unionists & Indonesian Independence 1945 -1949Goodall, H; Moorthy, S; Jamal, A
22-Jul-2014Supplement document to job application to Indian Foreign Service from P.R.S. Mani, [1947?]P.R.S. Mani; Goodall, H
1-Dec-2002Too early yet or not soon enough? Reflections on sharing histories as processGoodall, H
Jan-2011Tracing Southern Cosmopolitanisms: the intersecting networks of Islam, Trade Unions, Gender and Communism, 1945-1965Goodall, H
1-Apr-2013Transforming saltbush: Science, mobility, and metaphor in the remaking of Intercolonial worldsFrawley, J; Goodall, H
1-Nov-2017The Transnational Mission of an Indian War Correspondent: P. R. S. Mani in Southeast Asia, 1944-1946Goodall, H; Frost, MR
Jan-2012Unauthorised Voyagers across Two Oceans: Africans, Indians and Aborigines in AustraliaGhosh, D; Goodall, H; Toledano; Ehud; R
1-Jan-2014Understanding marine park opposition: The relationship between social impacts, environmental knowledge and motivation to fishVoyer, M; Gladstone, W; Goodall, H
1-Jul-2012Uneasy comrades: Tuk Subianto, Eliot V. Elliott and the Cold WarGoodall, H
Jan-2010Waterborne: Vietnamese Australians and river environments in Vietnam and SydneyCadzow, AJ; Byrne, D; Goodall, H