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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Jun-2016Mobile brain/body imaging (MoBI) of physical interaction with dynamically moving objectsJungnickel, E; Gramann, K
13-Feb-2017Modified navigation instructions for spatial navigation assistance systems lead to incidental spatial learningGramann, K; Hoepner, P; Karrer-Gauss, K
27-Dec-2016Neuroadaptive technology enables implicit cursor control based on medial prefrontal cortex activityZander, TO; Krol, LR; Birbaumer, NP; Gramann, K
29-Mar-2013Neurocognitive and Somatic Components of Temperature Increases during g-Tummo Meditation: Legend and RealityKozhevnikov, M; Elliott, J; Shephard, J; Gramann, K
Oct-2019Overcoming Spatial Deskilling Using Landmark-Based Navigation Assistance SystemsWunderlich, A; Gramann, K
1-Jan-2019Sensorimotor brain dynamics reflect architectural affordancesDjebbara, Z; Fich, LB; Petrini, L; Gramann, K
14-Jan-2019Sensory-motor brain dynamics reflect architectural affordancesDjebbara, Z; Fich, LB; Petrini, L; Gramann, K
1-Nov-2018SEREEGA: Simulating event-related EEG activityKrol, LR; Pawlitzki, J; Lotte, F; Gramann, K; Zander, TO
18-May-2018SEREEGA: Simulating Event-Related EEG ActivityKrol, L; Pawlitzki, J; Lotte, F; Gramann, K; Zander, T
3-Feb-2011Stimulus saliency modulates pre-attentive processing speed in human visual cortexTöllner, T; Zehetleitner, M; Gramann, K; Müller, HJ
6-Feb-2017A task-independent workload classifier for neuroadaptive technology: Preliminary dataKrol, LR; Freytag, SC; Fleck, M; Gramann, K; Zander, TO
19-Jun-2014Toward a new cognitive neuroscience: Modeling natural brain dynamicsGramann, K; Jung, TP; Ferris, DP; Lin, CT; Makeig, S
1-Mar-2017Two independent frontal midline theta oscillations during conflict detection and adaptation in a Simon-type manual reaching taskTöllner, T; Wang, Y; Makeig, S; Müller, HJ; Jung, TP; Gramann, K
4-May-2018Visual Appearance Modulates Prediction Error in Virtual RealitySingh, AK; Chen, HT; Cheng, YF; King, JT; Ko, LW; Gramann, K; Lin, CT
1-Jan-2010Visual evoked responses during standing and walkingGramann, K; Gwin, JT; Bigdely-Shamlo, N; Ferris, DP; Makeig, S
27-Sep-2017Walking through architectural spaces: The impact of interior forms on human brain dynamicsBanaei, M; Hatami, J; Yazdanfar, A; Gramann, K