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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Management Education for Organizational and Managerial InnovationGreen, R; Agarwal, R; Hall, R; Pitsis, T; Dhelin, E; Simpson, A
1-Jan-2013Management education for organizational and managerial innovationAgarwal, R; Green, R; Hall, R
Jan-2010Management Matters - How does manufacturing measure up?Green, R; Agarwal, R; Brown, PJ; Tan, H; Randhawa, K
Jan-2009Management Matters in Australia: Just how productive are we?Green, R; Agarwal, R; Van, RJ; Bloom, N; mathews, J; Boedker, C; Sampson, D; Gollan, P; Toner, P; Tan, H; Brown, PJ
16-May-2016Management practices in Australian healthcare: can NSW public hospitals do better?Agarwal, R; Green, R; Agarwal, N; Randhawa, K
Jan-2014Management Practices in Medium-Sized Enterprises: Insights from Benchmarking Australian Manufacturing FirmsGreen, R; Agarwal, R; Bajada, C; Brown, PJ; Kotey, B; Mazzarol, T; Clark, D; Foley, D; McKeown, T
1-Jan-2014Management practices of Australian manufacturing firms: Why are some firms more innovative?Agarwal, R; Brown, PJ; Green, R; Randhawa, K; Tan, H
31-Mar-2014Managerial practices in a high cost manufacturing environment: A comparison with Australia and New ZealandAgarwal, R; Bajada, C; Brown, PJ; Green, R
Jan-2011A more Competitive Manufacturing Industry - Management and Workforce Skills and TalentFisher, L; Agarwal, R; Green, R
1-Mar-2010Precooling can prevent the reduction of self-paced exercise intensity in the heatDuffield, R; Green, R; Castle, P; Maxwell, N
1-Jan-2015PrefaceAgarwal, R; Selen, W; Roos, G; Green, R
20-May-2008Regional innovation systems and public policy: Ireland's medical technology clusterFahy, J; Giblin, M; Green, R
2017The Role of Digital Standards in Managing Australian Public Service InnovationPatterson, E; Agarwal, R; Bajada, C; Green, R
2011The Role of Education and Skills in Australian Management Practice and ProductivityGreen, R; Agarwal, R
2013Social Inclusion and the Innovation AgendaGreen, R; Scott-Kemmis, D; Smyth, P; Buchanan, J
Jan-2008Spikiness in a flat worldGreen, R
Jan-2005Structural reform and labour markets in Europe: The case of IrelandGreen, R; Szell, C; Bosling, C; Hartkemeyer, J
1-Jan-2005The Temporary Agency Work Sector in Australia and Ireland: Modest, Growing and Under-RecordedBurgess, J; Connell, J; Green, R
Jan-2012Understanding Productivity - Australias ChoiceGreen, R; Toner, P; Agarwal, R
1-May-2018The unique contribution of older people with a lived experience of mental illness to the peer workforce: observations from older peer workersCoates, D; Livermore, P; Green, R