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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2001Managing People by Understanding PeopleArcher, DJ; Griffin, T; Hayes, A; Pforr, C; Janeczko, B
Jan-2006National parks: converting non-visitors to visitorsGriffin, T; Archer, DJ; O'Mahony, GB; Whitelaw, PA
Jan-2005The precinct experience: a phenomenological approachHayllar, BR; Griffin, T
31-Aug-2010PrefaceHayllar, B; Griffin, T; Edwards, D
Jan-2010Protected Area Management: Collection and Use of Visitor Data. Volume 1: Summary and RecommendationsGriffin, T; Moore, S; Crilley, G; Darcy, SA; Schweinsberg, SC
Jan-2007Protected Area Visitor Data Collection and Management: Emerging Issues and Gaps in Current Australian PracticesDarcy, SA; Griffin, T; Craig, M; Moore, S; Crilley, G; McDonnell, I; Grabowski, S; March, R
Jan-2008Sites of experience: The functions of urban tourism precinctsEdwards, DC; Schlenker, K; Griffin, T; Hayllar, BR; Richardson, S; Fredline, L; Patiar, A; Ternel, M
Jan-2005A study of visitor use and satisfaction in Mungo national parkArcher, DJ; Griffin, T
Jan-2009Sydney: Beyond iconicityHayllar, BR; Griffin, T; Maitland, R; Newman, P
Jan-2006A tale of two precincts: a phenomenological analysisHayllar, BR; Griffin, T; Papageorgiou, G
Jan-2003Tourism from the Peoples Republic of China to Australia: a preliminary analysisMcDonnell, IG; Deng, M; Griffin, T; Harris, R
Jan-2006The tourist experience of historic waterfront precinctsGriffin, T; Hayllar, BR; Papageorgiou, G
Jan-2008The tourist experience of precinctsSelby, M; Hayllar, BR; Griffin, T; Hayllar, B; Griffin, T; Edwards, D
Nov-2011Tourist Pathways in Cities: Providing Insights into Tourists Spatial BehaviourEdwards, D; Griffin, T
28-Jun-2010Tracking the urban visitor: Methods for examining tourists' spatial behaviour and visual representationsEdwards, D; Dickson, T; Griffin, T; Hayllar, B
Jan-2009Understanding Tourism Experiences and Behaviour in Cities: An Australian Case StudyEdwards, DC; Griffin, T; Hayllar, BR; Dickson, T; Schweinsberg, SC
1-May-2013Understanding tourists' spatial behaviour: GPS tracking as an aid to sustainable destination managementEdwards, D; Griffin, T
Jan-2010Understanding Urban Tourism Impacts: An Australian Study. Technical ReportEdwards, DC; Griffin, T; Hayllar, BR
Jan-2008Urban tourism precincts: An overview of key themes and issuesEdwards, DC; Griffin, T; Hayllar, BR; Hayllar, B; Griffin, T; Edwards, D
Jan-2008Urban tourism precincts: Engaging with the fieldHayllar, BR; Griffin, T; Edwards, DC; Hayllar, B; Griffin, T; Edwards, D