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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2015DSM-IV and DSM-5 social anxiety disorder in the Australian communityCrome, E; Grove, R; Baillie, AJ; Sunderland, M; Teesson, M; Slade, T
1-Aug-2017Exploring sex differences in autistic traits: A factor analytic study of adults with autismGrove, R; Hoekstra, RA; Wierda, M; Begeer, S
1-Jan-2015Factors impacting the quality of peer relationships of youth with Tourette's syndromeO'Hare, D; Eapen, V; Helmes, E; McBain, K; Reece, J; Grove, R
1-Aug-2014The latent structure of cognitive and emotional empathy in individuals with autism, first-degree relatives and typical individualsGrove, R; Baillie, A; Allison, C; Baron-Cohen, S; Hoekstra, RA
3-Sep-2019The promise of functional near-infrared spectroscopy in autism research: What do we know and where do we go?Mazzoni, A; Grove, R; Eapen, V; Lenroot, RK; Bruggemann, J
1-May-2018Special interests and subjective wellbeing in autistic adultsGrove, R; Hoekstra, RA; Wierda, M; Begeer, S
1-Jan-2019Spectrum or subtypes? A latent profile analysis of restricted and repetitive behaviours in autismZheng, L; Grove, R; Eapen, V
27-Aug-2018Study protocol for the Australian autism biobank: an international resource to advance autism discovery researchAlvares, GA; Dawson, PA; Dissanayake, C; Eapen, V; Gratten, J; Grove, R; Henders, A; Heussler, H; Lawson, L; Masi, A; Raymond, E; Rose, F; Wallace, L; Wray, NR; Whitehouse, AJO
1-Mar-2017Youth with Tourette syndrome: Parental perceptions and experiences in the Australian contextO’Hare, D; Eapen, V; Grove, R; Helmes, E; McBain, K; Reece, J