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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-08-01Background ozone level in the Sydney basin: Assessment and trend analysisDuc, H; Azzi, M; Wahid, H; Ha, QP
2005-01Bearing-only SLAM using a SPRT Based Gaussian Sum FilterKwok, N; Dissanayake, G; Ha, QP; Board, E; Robotics, IEEEICO; Automation
2007-01-01Bouc-Wen model parameter identification for a MR fluid damper using computationally efficient GAKwok, NM; Ha, QP; Nguyen, MT; Li, J; Samali, B
2007-01Capacitive Object Ranging and Material Type Classifying SensorKirchner, NG; Liu, D; Taha, T; Paul, G; Ha, QP; Kwok, NM
2005-01A Cascade Sliding Mode-PID Controller for Non-overshoot Time ResponsesTran, T; Ha, QP; Nguyen, HT; Santiprahob; Pratit, D; Jirapun
2003-01A Chattering-Free Variable Structure Controller for Tracking of Robotic ManipulatorsNguyen, V; Ha, QP; Nguyen, HT; Roberts, J; eds, GW
2009-12-01Chip-based design for real-time moving object detection using a digital camera moduleYu, YH; Ha, QP; Kwok, NM
2013-01-01CO<inf>2</inf> vehicular emission statistical analysis with instantaneous speed and acceleration as predictor variablesOduro, SD; Metia, S; Duc, H; Ha, QP
2006-12-01Collision-free formations with reactively-controlled virtual head robot trackingNguyen, AD; Kwok, NM; Ngo, VT; Ha, QP
2010-11-17Color image contrast enhancement using a local equalization and weighted sum approachKwok, NM; Ha, QP; Fang, G; Rad, AB; Wang, D
2011-10-01Color tracking for multiple robot control using a system-on-programmable- chipYu, YH; Kwok, NM; Ha, QP
2008-12-01A common disturbance decoupled observer for linear systems with unknown inputsTrinh, H; Teh, PS; Ha, QP
2011-12-01Component-wise optimization for a commercial central cooling plantVakiloroaya, V; Samali, B; Madadnia, J; Ha, QP
2007-01A Comprehensive Analytical Model for Video over IP in Telecollaboration Business System EnvironmentsMahadevan, V; Chaczko, ZC; Agbinya, JI; Ha, QP; Kwok, NM
2011-12-01Computational intelligence estimation of natural background ozone level and its distribution for air quality modelling and emission controlWahid, H; Ha, QP; Nguyen Duc, H
2017-01-31Computer vision-based method for concrete crack detectionDinh, TH; Ha, QP; La, HM
2009-01-01Contrast enhancement and intensity preservation for gray-level images using multiobjective particle swarm optimizationKwok, NM; Ha, QP; Liu, D; Fang, G
2004-01-01A control architecture for robotic excavation in constructionHa, QP; Rye, DC
2005-12-01Control issues of an autonomous vehicleHa, QP; Tran, TH; Scheding, S; Dissanayake, G; Durrant-Whyte, HF
2005-12-01Controlling formations of multiple mobile robots with inter-robot collision avoidanceHa, HM; Nguyen, AD; Ha, QP