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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-12-01Fast algorithm for UGV wheel-terrain interaction analysisTran, TH; Ha, QP
2019-08-01Fast Terminal Sliding Control Application for Second-order Underactuated SystemsSingh, AM; Ha, QP
2016-01-01Fast terminal sliding mode control for gantry cranesSingh, AM; Hoang, VT; Ha, QP
2012-12-01Feature extraction using vague semantics approach to pattern recognitionYu, YH; Ha, QP; Kou, KY; Lee, TT
2009-01FGPA-based real-time color tracking for robotic formation controlYu, Y; Kwok, N; Ha, QP; Caldas, C; O'Brien, W; Chi, S; Gong, J; Luo, X
2009-12-01FPGA based real-time color discrimination design for ubiquitous robotsYu, YH; Ha, QP; Kwok, NM
2014-01-01FPGA sensorless PMSM drive with adaptive fading extended Kalman filteringQuang, NK; Ha, QP; Hieu, NT
2011-12-01FPGA-based control architecture integration for multiple-axis tracking motion systemsQuang, NK; Kung, YS; Ha, QP
2012-12-01FPGA-based cooperative control of indoor multiple robotsHa, QP; Yu, YH; Quang, NK
2012-12-01FPGA-based fuzzy sliding mode control for sensorless PMSM driveQuang, NK; That, ND; Quang, NH; Ha, QP
2010-01-01FPGA-based relative distance estimation for indoor robot control using monocular digital cameraYu, YH; Vo-Ky, C; Kodagoda, S; Ha, QP
2012-12-01FPGA-based sensorless PMSM drive using parallel reduced-order Extended Kalman FilterQuang, NK; Hieu, NT; Hunter, GP; Ha, QP
2015-10-07FPGA-based sensorless PMSM speed control using adaptive extended Kalman filterQuang, NK; Tung, DD; Ha, QP
2014-12-01FPGA-based sensorless PMSM speed control using reduced-order extended kalman filtersQuang, NK; Hieu, NT; Ha, QP
2010-12-01FPGA-based ubiquitous computing intelligence for robotic formation controlYu, YH; Kodagoda, S; Ha, QP
2018-12-18Frequency-Shaped Second-Order Sliding Mode Control for Smart Suspension SystemsRoyel, S; Ha, QP; Aguilera, RP
2015-09-08Further results on exponential stability of linear discrete-time systems with time-varying delayThat, ND; Cuong, P; Ha, QP
2014-01-01Future intelligent civil structures: Challenges and opportunitiesLi, JC; Li, Y; Askari, M; Ha, QP
2017-01-01Fuzzy sliding mode control of an offshore container craneNgo, QH; Nguyen, NP; Nguyen, CN; Tran, TH; Ha, QP
2011-12-01Gray world based color correction and intensity preservation for image enhancementKwok, NM; Wang, D; Jia, X; Chen, SY; Fang, G; Ha, QP