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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-01-20Networked control systems with accumulative quadratic constraintTran, T; Ha, QP
2013-01-01Neural network-based meta-modelling approach for estimating spatial distribution of air pollutant levelsWahid, H; Ha, QP; Duc, H; Azzi, M
2008-12-19New characterization of controllability via stabilizability and Riccati equation for LTV systemsPhat, VN; Ha, QP
2007-01A new decentralized fault tolerant control strategy and the fault accommodation of coupled drivesSu, SW; Nguyen, J; Jarman, R; Huang, S; Chen, W; Celler, BG; Bao, J; Lee, P; Weng, K; Ha, QP; Kwok, NM
2008-12-01A new hybrid filter for power quality improvement in unbalanced load conditionsDalvand, H; Nguyen, MT; Kwok, NM; Ha, QP
2011-12-01New integrated hybrid evaporative cooling system for HVAC energy efficiency improvementVakiloroaya, V; Khatibi, M; Ha, QP; Samali, B
2013-12-01A new single-effect hot-water absorption chiller air conditioner using solar energyHa, QP; Vakiloroaya, V
2008-01A New System-On-Programmable-Chip (SOPC) for Smart Car Braking ControlYu, Y; Kwok, N; Ha, QP; Kreinovich, V; Santiprabhob, P; Yeophantong, T
2004-12-01New wavelet-based pitch detection method for human-robot voice interfaceTran, TH; Ha, QP; Dissanayake, G
2016-11-14A novel extended potential field controller for use on aerial robotsWoods, AC; Lay, HM; Ha, QP
2006-11-20A novel hysteretic model for magnetorheological fluid dampers and parameter identification using particle swarm optimizationKwok, NM; Ha, QP; Nguyen, TH; Li, J; Samali, B
2012-01-01A novel solar-assisted air-conditioner system for energy savings with performance enhancementHa, QP; Vakiloroaya, V
2004-10-10Observer-based control of multi-agent systems under decentralized information structureHa, QP; Trinh, H
2004-01Observer-Based Decentralized Approach to Robotic Formation ControlNguyen, A; Ha, QP; Huang, S; Trinh, HM; Barnes, N; Austin, D
2013-01-01Observer-based integral sliding mode control for sensorless PMSM drives using FPGAQuang, NK; Vinh, DQ; That, ND; Ha, QP
2012-12-01Observer-based trajectory tracking for a class of underactuated Lagrangian systems using higher-order sliding modesRaja Ismail, RMT; Nguyen D., T; Ha, QP
2014-01-01Offshore container crane systems with robust optimal sliding mode controlIsmail, RMTR; That, ND; Ha, QP
2001-01On centreline distributions of velocity and momentum in synthetic jet actuator flowsHong, G; Mallinson, SG; Lee, C; Ha, QP; Dally, B
2012-11-22On sliding dynamics bounding for discrete-time systems with state delay and disturbancesThat, ND; Nam, PT; Ha, QP
2011-01An Optimal Control Strategy For Water-Cooled Direct Expansion System In Real-World ApplicationVakiloroaya, V; Khatibi, M; Ha, QP; Samali, B; Kettani, H; Kasim, R