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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2013The anatomy of portfolio skewness and kurtosisHall, AD; Satchell, SE
Jan-1983Assessing the variability of inflationPagan, AR; Hall, AD; Trivedi, P
2002Bayesian variable selection in logistic regression: predicting company earnings directionGerlach, R; Bird, R; Hall, AD
Jan-2010Computing optimal mean/downside risk frontiers: The role of ellipiticityHall, AD; Satchell, SE; Satchell, S
Jan-2003Estimating the intensity of buy and sell arrivals in a limit order book marketHall, AD; Hautsch, N; McCulloch, JD; -
1-Jan-2015Evaluating the impact of inequality constraints and parameter uncertainty on optimal portfolio choiceHall, AD; Satchell, SE; Spence, PJ
1-Sep-2007A hybrid artificial neural network-numerical model for ground water problemsSzidarovszky, F; Coppola, EA; Long, J; Hall, AD; Poulton, MM
1-May-2001Limits to linear price behavior: Futures prices regulated by limitsHall, AD; Kofman, P
1-Mar-2006Migration of price discovery in semiregulated derivatives marketsHall, AD; Kofman, P; Manaster, S
Jan-2007Modelling the Buy and Sell Intensity in a Limit Order Book MarketHall, AD; Hautsch, N
1-Jan-2001A nonlinear time series model of El NiñoHall, AD; Skalin, J; Teräsvirta, T
Jan-2008Order aggressiveness and order book dynamicsHall, AD; Hautsch, N; Bauwens, L; Pohlmeier, W; Veredas, D
1-Jan-2006Order aggressiveness and order book dynamicsHall, AD; Hautsch, N
Jan-2001The Prediction of Earnings Movements Using Accounting Data: An Update & Extension of Ou and PenmanBird, R; Gerlach, R; Hall, AD
Jan-2001Regulatory Tools & Price Changes in Futures MarketsHall, AD; Kofman, P
Jan-2005Some notes on a dynamic model of international fishingHall, AD; Szidarovszky, F; Zhao, J
Jan-2003A survival analysis of Australian equity mutual fundsCameron, AC; Hall, AD
1-Dec-2002Using Bayesian variable selection methods to choose style factors in global stock return modelsHall, AD; Hwang, S; Satchell, SE
1-Dec-2007What corporate social responsibility activities are valued by the market?Bird, R; Hall, AD; Momentè, F; Reggiani, F