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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Jun-2015Oil-saving pathways until 2030 for road freight transportation in China based on a cost-optimization modelLi, W; Dai, Y; Ma, L; Hao, H; Lu, H; Albinson, R; Li, Z
Jan-2005Pilot Investigation of Continuity Effect of Corbel in Timber BridgesChoi, F; Samali, B; Crews, KI; Deeks, AJ; Hao, H
1-Mar-2017Post-blast capacity of ultra-high performance concrete columnsLi, J; Wu, C; Hao, H; Liu, Z
Jan-2005Prediction of Fluxural Behaviours of Fibre Reinforced Polymer Strengthened RC Beams Using a Local Deformation ModelGravina, R; Smith, ST; Deeks, AJ; Hao, H
1-Sep-2017PrefaceWu, C; Li, J; Hao, H; Li, ZX
1-Dec-2015Residual loading capacity of ultra-high performance concrete columns after blast loadsLi, J; Wu, C; Hao, H
Jan-2005Review of Design Guidelines on Flexural Strengthening of RC Beams with FRP CompositesSmith, ST; Deeks, AJ; Hao, H
1-Jan-2016Review of the current practices in blast-resistant analysis and design of concrete structuresHao, H; Hao, Y; Li, J; Chen, W
1-Jan-2014A simplified numerical method for blast induced structural response analysisLi, J; Hao, H
Jan-2005Smart Braced Frame SystemsSamali, B; Widjaja, JH; Li, J; Reizes, J; Deeks, AJ; Hao, H
21-Mar-2016Spallation of reinforced concrete slabs under contact explosionLi, J; Wu, C; Hao, H
Jan-2005Strain Localisation & Its Impact on the Ductility of Reinforced Concrete Slabs Containing 500 MPa ReinforcementGilbert, R; Smith, ST; Deeks, AJ; Hao, H
1-Dec-2017A study of concrete slabs with steel wire mesh reinforcement under close-in explosive loadsLi, J; Wu, C; Hao, H; Su, Y; Li, ZX
1-Nov-2017A study of RC bridge columns under contact explosionYuan, S; Hao, H; Zong, Z; Li, J
1-Mar-2011A two-step numerical method for efficient analysis of structural response to blast loadLi, J; Hao, H
7-Jan-2013(Undefined)Li, J; Hao, H