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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Dec-2015Face hallucination based on nonparametric Bayesian learningLi, M; Da Xu, RY; He, X
5-Nov-2012Face recognition based on modified LBPZhang, Z; He, X
2011Facial Expression Recognition on Hexagonal Structure Using LBP-Based Histogram VariancesWang, L; He, X; Du, R; Jia, W; Wu, Q; Yeh, W; Kuo-Tien Lee; Wen-Hsiang Tsai; Hong-Yuan Mark Liao; Tsuhan Chen; Jun-Wei Hsieh; Chien-Cheng Tseng
26-Jan-2011Facial expression recognition on hexagonal structure using LBP-based histogram variancesWang, L; He, X; Du, R; Jia, W; Wu, Q; Yeh, WC
1-Dec-2009Facial expression recognition using histogram variances facesDu, R; Wu, Q; He, X; Jia, W; Wei, D
19-Feb-2016Facial expression recognition with emotion-based feature fusionTuran, C; Lam, KM; He, X
28-Aug-2007A fast algorithm for license plate detection in various conditionsZhang, H; Jia, W; He, X; Wu, Q
29-Nov-2015Fast and robust head detection with arbitrary pose and occlusionZhang, T; Yang, Z; Jia, W; Wu, Q; Yang, J; He, X
1-Jan-2014Feature selection and mass classification using particle swarm optimization and support vector machineWong, MT; He, X; Yeh, WC; Ibrahim, Z; Ibrahim, Z; Chung, YY
3-Dec-2007Fractal algorithms for finding global optimal solutionsSong, JL; He, X; Qian, FC
1-Dec-2005Fractal image compression on a pseudo Spiral ArchitectureWang, H; Wang, M; Hintz, T; He, X; Wu, Q
1-Dec-2006Fractal image compression on spiral architectureHe, X; Wang, H; Wu, Q; Hintz, T; Hur, N
1-May-2016Frame Interpolation for Cloud-Based Mobile Video StreamingUsman, M; He, X; Lam, KM; Xu, M; Bokhari, SMM; Chen, J
13-Oct-2017A Framework for Data Security in Cloud using Collaborative Intrusion Detection SchemeNagar, U; He, X; Nanda, P; Tan, Z
1-Dec-2006Gaussian weighted histogram intersection for license plate classificationJia, W; Zhang, H; He, X; Wu, Q
1-Jan-2013Generalized local N-ary patterns for texture classificationWang, S; He, X; Wu, Q; Yang, J
1-Jan-2016A generative model for recognizing mixed group activities in still imagesZhou, Z; Li, K; He, X; Li, M
20-Jan-2017Geo-location oriented routing protocol for smart dynamic mesh networkNanda, A; Nanda, P; He, X
1-Dec-2007Global optimization under nonlinear constraints based on apollonius fillSong, J; He, X; Lin, Z
1-Dec-2010Graph-based text segmentation using a selected channel imageZeng, C; Jia, W; He, X; Yang, J