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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-12-01MAC performance analysis on two-stage HFC access networkGao, F; He, X; Li, Y; Wang, J
2014-01-01Macroscopic Indeterminacy Swarm Optimization (MISO) algorithm for real-parameter searchChang, PC; He, X
2010-12-01Mahalanobis Distance Map approach for Anomaly Detection of web-based attacksJamdagni, A; Tan, Z; Nanda, P; He, X; Liu, RP
2009-01Market stability switches in a continuous-time financial market with heterogeneous beliefsHe, X; Li, K; Wei, J; Zheng, M
2012-11-19Mass classification in digitized mammograms using texture features and artificial neural networkWong, MT; He, X; Nguyen, H; Yeh, WC
2005-12-01Mean shift for accurate license plate localizationJia, W; Zhang, H; He, X; Piccardi, M
2005-12-01Mean shift for accurate number plate detectionJia, W; Zhang, H; He, X
2017-09-07Message from the IEEE TrustCom/BigDataSE/ICESS 2017 General ChairsHe, X; Mohapatra, P; Sandhu, R; Guo, S; Di Martino, B; Lu, J; Mosse, D; Pasricha, S
2009-12-01A method based on orientation field for skew correction of license plateMa, X; Pan, R; Wang, L; He, X
2013MIL-SKDE: Multiple-instance learning with supervised kernel density estimationYang, J; Wu, Q; Du, R; He, X
2013-06-01MIL-SKDE: Multiple-instance learning with supervised kernel density estimationDu, R; Wu, Q; He, X; Yang, J
2020-01-01A Mobile Multimedia Data Collection Scheme for Secured Wireless Multimedia Sensor NetworksUsman, M; Jan, MA; He, X; Chen, J
2012-01-30Modelling of strip shape and profile during cold rolling of ultra thin stripJiang, Z; Cheng, X; Du, X; Wei, D; He, X
2005-12-01Models of the sea mixed waves in navigating Radar simulatorLiu, D; He, X
2008-09-26A modified Mahalanobis distance for human detection in out-door environmentsChen, Y; Wu, Q; He, X; Jia, W; Hintz, T
2011-11-30More on weak feature: Self-correlate histogram distancesWang, S; Wu, Q; He, X; Jia, W
2008-09-24Motion based pedestrian recognitionChen, Y; Wu, Q; He, X
2018-01-01Moving towards highly reliable and effective sensor networksJan, MA; Tan, Z; He, X; Ni, W
2016-02-16Moving vehicle detection based on an improved interframe difference and a Gaussian modelLi, W; Yao, J; Dong, T; Li, H; He, X
2017-01-01MoWLD: a robust motion image descriptor for violence detectionZhang, T; Jia, W; Yang, B; Yang, J; He, X; Zheng, Z