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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2003Fair intelligent admission control over DiffServ networkLi, M; Hoang, DB; Simmonds, AJ
15-Sep-2005Fair intelligent admission control over resource-feedback DiffServ networkLi, M; Hoang, DB; Simmonds, AJ
Jan-2006Fair intelligent congestion controlHoang, DB; Tucker, R
Jan-2003Fair Intelligent Congestion Control over DiffServ: A Resource Discovery and Control Scheme for DiffServHoang, DB; Li, M; Batovshi, D
Jan-2002Fair Intelligent Feedback Mechanism on TCP based NetworkYu, Q; Li, M; Hoang, DB; Feng, D; Arabnia, HR; Mun, Y
4-Aug-2017FBRC: Optimization of task scheduling in Fog-based Region and CloudDang, THANHD; Hoang, DB
1-Nov-2005FIAC: A resource discovery-based two-level admission control for differentiated service networksLi, M; Hoang, DB
1-Dec-2005FICC-DifflServ: A new QoS architecture supporting resources discovery, admission and congestion controlsPhan, HT; Hoang, DB
1-Dec-2011Formalization and information-theoretic soundness in the development of security architecture for next generation network protocol - UDTBernardo, DV; Hoang, DB
1-Jan-2009A front-end for collaborative task planning on the gridPhung, HM; Hoang, DB; Lawrence, E
5-Dec-2012Further analysis and tuning of registered multi-cycle polling in wireless medium access managementZheng, L; Hoang, DB
Jan-2008A global internet infrastructureHoang, DB; IEEE
1-Dec-2010Health alerts: Interaction protocols in remote health care monitoringAhmad, NF; Phung, MH; Hoang, DB
1-Jan-2014Health records protection in cloud environmentHoang, DB; Chen, L
26-Jul-2010A hierarchy energy driven architecture for wireless sensor networksKamyabpour, N; Hoang, DB
1-Jan-2004Implementation of a quality of service feedback control loop on programmable routersNguyen, C; Hoang, DB; Zhao, IL; Lavian, T; Pung, HK; BuSungLee, F; Tham, CK; Kuttan, S
1-Dec-2004Implementation of a quality of service feedback control loop on programmable routersNguyen, C; Hoang, DB; Zhao, IL; Lavian, T
Jan-2005Information switching networksHoang, DB; Lavian, T; Wysocki, T
1-Jan-2002An Intelligent Coherent Approach to Cooperation between TCP and ATM Congestion Control Algorithms‚ÄĒModeling and Simulation AnalysisYu, Q; Hoang, DB
1-Jan-2014LTE-Advanced fair intelligent admission control LTE-FIACFurqan, F; Hoang, DB; Collings, IB