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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2014LTE-Advanced fair intelligent admission control LTE-FIACFurqan, F; Hoang, DB; Collings, IB
1-Jan-2014LTE_FICC: A new mechanism for provision of QoS and congestion control in LTE/LTE-advanced networksFurqan, F; Hoang, DB
1-Dec-2010Mobile Cloud for Assistive Healthcare (MoCAsH)Hoang, DB; Chen, L
1-Dec-2006A mobile hand held computing system for out patient workflow in hospital environmentUppu, S; Hoang, DB; Hintz, T
-Modeling overall energy consumption in Wireless Sensor NetworksKamyabpour, N; Hoang, DB
1-Jul-2012Multi-layer security analysis and experimentation of high speed protocol data transfer for GRIDBernardo, DV; Hoang, DB
1-Dec-2003Multi-level caching with delayed-multicast for video-on-demandNguyen, C; Hoang, DB; Symvonis, A
1-Dec-2007Network programmability for VPN overlay construction and bandwidth managementYousef, B; Hoang, DB; Rogers, G
1-Jan-2009A novel collaborative grid framework for distributed healthcarePhung, HM; Hoang, DB; Lawrence, E
24-Nov-2011Novel data protection model in healthcare cloudChen, L; Hoang, DB
1-Dec-2005A novel exception handling scheme for out patient workflow in a wireless handheld hospital environmentUppu, S; Hoang, DB; Hintz, T
1-Jan-2005Novel user-centric model for m-business transformationChan, JC; Hoang, DB
20-Nov-2015On software-defined networking and the design of SDN controllersHoang, DB; Pham, M
16-Nov-2009Overlapping impacts and resource coordination for high-density wireless communicationZheng, L; Hoang, DB
Jan-2006PARM: A physically-aware reference model for overlay for peer to peer internetworkingLe, H; Hoang, DB; Simmonds, AJ; N/A
10-Nov-2005Partitioning and differentiated resource allocation in programmable networksYousef, B; Hoang, DB; Rogers, G
17-Nov-2008Performance analysis for resource coordination in a high-density wireless environmentZheng, L; Hoang, DB
1-Dec-2005Performance analysis of the FICC-DiffServ architecturePhan, HT; Hoang, DB; Yousef, B
31-May-2007PIPPON: A physical infrastructure-aware peer-to-peer overlay networkHoang, DB; Le, H; Simmonds, A
1-Dec-2010A pragmatic approach: Achieving acceptable security mechanisms for high speed data transfer protocol-UDTBernardo, DV; Hoang, DB