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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2010A QoS mechanism of registered multi-cycle polling in wireless medium access controlZheng, L; Hoang, DB
1-Jan-2010Reliability measure model for assistive care loop framework using wireless sensor networksBalasubramanian, V; Hoang, DB
1-Dec-2012A remote sensor-based 6-minute functional walking ability testSchulte, J; Duc, NA; Hoang, DB; Elliott, D; McKinley, S; Nanda, P
1-Dec-2004Resource discovery and fair intelligent admission control over differentiated services networks for variable-length packetsLi, M; Hoang, DB
1-Dec-2009Robust preprocessing for health care monitoring frameworkAhmad, NF; Hoang, DB; Phung, MH
16-Jan-2019S-MANAGE Protocol for Software-Defined IoTNguyen, TMC; Hoang, DB
1-Dec-2007A scalable end-to-end QoS ArchitectureHoang, DB; Phan, HT
Jan-2004A Scheme for Improving TCP Fairness and Throughput in Wireless NetworksZhou, H; Hoang, DB; Nhan, P; Safaei, F; Jha, S; Everitt, D
30-Jun-2016SDN applications - The intent-based Northbound Interface realisation for extended applicationsPham, M; Hoang, DB
30-Nov-2017SDS2: A Novel Software-Defined Security Service for Protecting Cloud Computing InfrastructureFarahmandian, S; Hoang, DB
8-Dec-2017SDS<inf>2</inf>: A novel software-defined security service for protecting cloud computing infrastructureFarahmandian, S; Hoang, DB
-Securing data transfer in the cloud through introducing identification packet and UDT-authentication option field: a characterizationBernardo, DV; Hoang, DB
23-Dec-2016Security For Software-Defined (Cloud, SDN And NFV) Infrastructures – Issues And ChallengesFarahmandian, S; Hoang, DB
Jan-2009A Security Framework and its Implementation in Fast Data Transfer Next Generation Protocol UDTBernardo, DV; Hoang, DB
10-Nov-2017Security of Software-Defined Infrastructures with SDN, NFV, and Cloud Computing TechnologiesHoang, DB; Farahmandian, S; Zhu, S; Scott-Hayward, S; Jacquib, L; Hill, R
16-Jan-2019Security threat probability computation using Markov Chain and Common Vulnerability Scoring SystemLe, NT; Hoang, DB
26-Sep-2005Service architecture for integrating MANETs with heterogeneous IP networksChan, JC; Hoang, DB
6-Mar-2006Serviter: A service-oriented programmable network platform for shared infrastructureYousef, B; Hoang, DB; Rogers, G
1-Dec-2008SOAP based assistive care loop using wireless sensor networksBalasubramanian, V; Hoang, DB; Ahmad, NF
28-Dec-2015Software Defined Networking – Shaping up for the next disruptive step?Hoang, DB