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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2009English for community membership: planning for actual and potential needsDe Silva Joyce, HC; Hood, S; Diane Belcher
2016Ethnographies on the move, stories on the rise: Methods in the humanitiesHood, SE; Maton, K; Hood, S; Shay, S
30-Oct-2008The interpersonal dynamics of call-centre interactions: Co-constructing the rise and fall of emotionHood, S; Forey, G
1-Oct-2005Introducing a conference paper: Getting interpersonal with your audienceHood, S; Forey, G
Jan-2005Invoking attitude: the play of graduation in appraising discourseHood, S; Martin, J
1-Mar-2017Live Lectures: The significance of presence in building disciplinary knowledgeHood, S
Jan-2004Managing attitude in undergraduate academic writing: a focus on the introductions to research reportsHood, S; Ravelli, LJ; Ellis, RA
Jan-2010Naming and negotiating relationships in call centre talkHood, S; Forey, G; Lockwood, J
1-Jan-2006The persuasive power of prosodies: Radiating values in academic writingHood, S
Jan-2008Revisiting reading: exploring an intensive reading pedagogy in adult literacyJoyce, H; Hood, S; Rose, D
Jan-2011Rhythm and multimodal semiosisvan Leeuwen, T; Dreyfus, S; Hood, S; Stenglin, M
21-Jul-2008Summary writing in academic contexts: Implicating meaning in processes of changeHood, S
1-Jan-2016Systemic functional linguistics and EAPHood, S
Jan-2009Texturing interpersonal meanings in academic argument: pulses and prosodies of valueHood, S; Forey, G; Thompson, G
1-Apr-2017Towards a realist sociology of education: A polyphonic review essayGrenfell, M; Hood, S; Barrett, BD; Schubert, D
1-Jan-2019Valuing science: The role of language and body language in a health science lectureHao, J; Hood, S
Jan-2011Writing discipline:Comparing inscriptions of knowledge and knowers in academic writingHood, S; Christie, F; Maton, K