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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Jan-2002Saturated linear quadratic regulation of uncertain linear systems: Stability region estimation and controller designHuang, S; Lam, J
1-Mar-2018Semantic emotion-topic model based social emotion miningXue, R; Huang, S; Luo, X; Jiang, D; Da Xu, RY
13-Jul-2018Separability-entanglement classifier via machine learningLu, S; Huang, S; Li, K; Li, J; Chen, J; Lu, D; Ji, Z; Shen, Y; Zhou, D; Zeng, B
Jan-2011Simultaneous Localization and Mapping: Exactly Sparse Information FiltersWang, Z; Huang, S; Dissanayake, G
15-Mar-2011Size dependent optical properties of Si quantum dots in Si-rich nitride/Si <inf>3</inf> N <inf>4</inf> superlattice synthesized by magnetron sputteringSo, YH; Gentle, A; Huang, S; Conibeer, G; Green, MA
1-Feb-2016Social Friend Recommendation Based on Multiple Network CorrelationHuang, S; Zhang, J; Wang, L; Hua, XS
22-Jun-2015Social friend recommendation based on network correlation and feature co-clusteringHuang, S; Zhang, J; Lu, S; Hua, XS
18-Sep-2008Sparse local submap joining filter for building large-scale mapsHuang, S; Wang, Z; Dissanayake, G
1-Dec-2016A sparse separable SLAM back-endKhosoussi, K; Huang, S; Dissanayake, G
1-Nov-2017Special Issue on Localization and Mapping in Challenging EnvironmentsHuang, S; Dissanayake, G
15-Jan-2016Spray and evaporation characteristics of ethanol and gasoline direct injection in non-evaporating, transition and flash-boiling conditionsHuang, Y; Huang, S; Huang, R; Hong, G
1-Jan-2018Study on the relationships between eigenmodes, natural modes, and characteristic modes of perfectly electric conducting bodiesHuang, S; Pan, J; Luo, Y
15-Sep-2017A Submap Joining Based RGB-D SLAM Algorithm using Planes as FeaturesWang, J; Song, J; Zhao, L; Huang, S
1-Jan-2014<sup>L2</sup>-SIFT: SIFT feature extraction and matching for large images in large-scale aerial photogrammetrySun, Y; Zhao, L; Huang, S; Yan, L; Dissanayake, G
18-Feb-2014Systems thinking, systems design and learning power in engineering educationGodfrey, P; Crick, RD; Huang, S
1-Jan-2014Task oriented area partitioning and allocation for optimal operation of multiple industrial robots in unstructured environmentsHassan, M; Liu, D; Huang, S; Dissanayake, G
1-Dec-2004Time optimal robot motion control in simultaneous localization and map building (SLAM) problemHuang, S; Wang, Z; Dissanayake, G
31-Jan-2019Topological local-metric framework for mobile robots navigation: a long term perspectiveTang, L; Wang, Y; Ding, X; Yin, H; Xiong, R; Huang, S
1-Dec-2010Towards a consistent SLAM algorithm using B-splines to represent environmentsLiu, M; Huang, S; Dissanayake, G; Kodagoda, S
1-Dec-2013Towards a reliable SLAM back-endHu, G; Khosoussi, K; Huang, S