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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Jan-2015Unified out-of-band emission reduction with linear complexity for OFDMHuang, X; Zhang, JA; Guo, YJ
1-Dec-2009Unitary differential space-time-frequency codes for MB-OFDM UWBTran, LC; Mertins, A; Dutkiewicz, E; Huang, X
14-Nov-2017User-Directed Analog Beamforming for Multiuser Millimeter-Wave Hybrid Array SystemsZhang, JA; Li, H; Huang, X; Guo, YJ; Cantoni, A
1-Jan-2018Violence detection based on spatio-temporal feature and fisher vectorCai, H; Jiang, H; Huang, X; Yang, J; He, X
1-May-2013WeBeVis: Analyzing user web behavior through visual metaphorsHuang, W; Khoury, R; Dawborn, T; Huang, B; Huang, M; Huang, X
1-Dec-2011A weighted least squares method for wireless positioning using multiple linear arraysXu, K; Guo, Y; Huang, X; Dutkiewicz, E
21-Nov-2016Welcome message from TPC chairsSun, S; Huang, X; Liu, J; Cheng, X
1-Jan-2016What next in designing personalized visualization of web informationSaleheen, S; Lai, W; Huang, X; Huang, W; Huang, ML
1-Dec-2011Wideband AoA estimation and beamforming with hybrid antenna arrayHuang, X; Guo, YJ
-Wideband digital beamforming in the E-bandDyadyuk, V; Huang, X; Stockes, L; Pathikulangara, J
27-Jan-2011Wireless Data CommunicationsHuang, X; Murray, B; Bunton, J; Guo, Y; Dyadyuk, V
24-Jan-2013Wireless Localization SystemGuo, Y; Hedley, M; Huang, X
1-Mar-2015The world's fastest wireless backhaul radio A case study in industry-research collaborationGilmore, R; Huang, X; Harris, R
1-Jan-2015Zeroforcing precoding based MAC design to address hidden terminals in MU-MIMO WLANsShrestha, S; Fang, G; Dutkiewicz, E; Huang, X
11-Jul-2014混合自适应天线阵列Guo, Y; Bunton, J; Dyadyuk, V; Huang, X
-调制数据符号集的方法和设备及相应的解调方法和设备Huang, X; Lowe, D