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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-2013Delivery strategies to optimize resource utilization and performance status for patients with advanced life-limiting illness: Results from the "palliative care trial" [ISRCTN 81117481]Abernethy, AP; Currow, DC; Shelby-James, T; Rowett, D; May, F; Samsa, GP; Hunt, R; Williams, H; Esterman, A; Phillips, PA
Jan-2009Development of a Virtual Professional Learning Laboratory for Quality Function DeploymentHunt, R; Killen, CP; Enriquez, FT
Jan-2007Dynamic Capabilities: Innovation Project Portfolio ManagementKillen, CP; Hunt, R; Kleinschmidt, E; Chapman Ross
Jan-2010Dynamic capability: Understanding the Relationship Between Project Portfolio Management Capability and Competitive AdvantageKillen, CP; Hunt, R; Program Committee
Jan-2009Exploring Project Portfolio Management Decisions: The role of intuition and entrepreneurship in project portfolio outcomesPaternoster, GJ; Hunt, R; Killen, CP; APIC
Jan-2008Learning investments and organizational capabilities: case studies on the development of project portfolio management capabilitiesKillen, CP; Hunt, R; Kleinschmidt, E
Jan-2008New product project portfolio management: cases from diverse industriesKillen, CP; Hunt, R; Kleinschmidt, E; Abu-Hijleh, B; Arif, M; Khalil, T; Hosni, Y
Jan-2008Project portfolio management for product innovationKillen, CP; Hunt, R; Kleinschmidt, E
Jan-2006Project Portfolio Management in AustraliaKillen, CP; Hunt, R; Kleinschmidt, E; Jaafari, PA
Jan-2009Project portfolio management maturity model for dynamic environmentsKillen, CP; Hunt, R; Milner, DS; Cole, PJ; Manley, DK; Watt, MC; Tucker, MR
Jan-2009QFD: Solving the Fuzzy Front End of StrategyKillen, CP; Walker, M; Hunt, R; Enriquez, FT
23-Sep-2002Strategic alliances for world competitivenessKillen, CP; Hunt, R; Ayres, B; Janssen, C
Jan-2007Strategic Capabilities for Innovation ProjectsKillen, CP; Hunt, R; Kleinschmidt, E; Visser-Groeneveld Jeannette
Jan-2005Strategic Planning Using QFDKillen, CP; Walker, M; Hunt, R
Jan-2012Widening the perspective on organisational capabilities for project portfolio managementKillen, CP; Hunt, R; Linger, H; Owen, J