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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Aug-2009Penrose-Hameroff orchestrated objective-reduction proposal for human consciousness is not biologically feasibleMcKemmish, LK; Reimers, JR; McKenzie, RH; Mark, AE; Hush, NS
10-Nov-2015A priori calculations of the free energy of formation from solution of polymorphic self-Assembled monolayersReimers, JR; Panduwinata, D; Visser, J; Chin, Y; Tang, C; Goerigk, L; Ford, MJ; Sintic, M; Sum, TJ; Coenen, MJJ; Hendriksen, BLM; Elemans, JAAW; Hush, NS; Crossley, MJ
28-Dec-2011Quantum entanglement between electronic and vibrational degrees of freedom in moleculesMcKemmish, LK; McKenzie, RH; Hush, NS; Reimers, JR
1-Sep-2017Relating transition-state spectroscopy to standard chemical spectroscopic processesReimers, JR; Hush, NS
20-Nov-2009Scanning tunneling microscopic observation of adatom-mediated motifs on gold-thiol self-assembled monolayers at high coverageWang, Y; Chi, Q; Hush, NS; Reimers, JR; Zhang, J; Ulstrup, J
1-Feb-2017Sulfur ligand mediated electrochemistry of gold surfaces and nanoparticles: What, how, and whyChi, Q; Ford, MJ; Halder, A; Hush, NS; Reimers, JR; Ulstrup, J
13-Jan-2008Towards a comprehensive model for the electronic and vibrational structure of the Creutz-Taube ionReimers, JR; Wallace, BB; Hush, NS
3-Jul-2015A unified diabatic description for electron transfer reactions, isomerization reactions, proton transfer reactions, and aromaticityReimers, JR; McKemmish, LK; McKenzie, RH; Hush, NS
17-Mar-2009Weak, strong, and coherent regimes of Fröhlich condensation and their applications to terahertz medicine and quantum consciousnessReimers, JR; McKemmish, LK; McKenzie, RH; Mark, AE; Hush, NS