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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Oct-2009A QoS-based service retrieval methodology for digital ecosystemsDong, H; Hussain, FK; Chang, E
1-Dec-2007Quantifying risk in financial terms in an e-transactionHussain, OK; Chang, E; Hussain, FK; Dillon, TS
1-Dec-2018Recruiting the K-most influential prospective workers for crowdsourcing platformsShahsavari, M; Golpayegani, AH; Saberi, M; Hussain, FK
1-Jan-2018Representation Phase: Ontology Usage Ontology (U Ontology)Ashraf, J; Hussain, OK; Hussain, FK; Chang, EJ
1-Dec-2005Reputation ontology for reputation systemsChang, E; Hussain, FK; Dillon, T
14-Nov-2006Reputation relationship and its inner relationships for service oriented environmentsHussain, FK; Chang, E; Dillon, TS
1-Dec-2004Repute relationships for reputation management in peer-to-peer communication - IHussain, FK; Chang, E; Dillon, T
1-Jan-2015A Review and comparison of service E-Contract Architecture MetamodelsBraytee, A; Gill, AQ; Kennedy, PJ; Hussain, FK
Jan-2013Risk Assessment and Management in the Networked EconomyHussain, O; Dillon, TS; Hussain, FK; Chang, E
1-Dec-2005Risk in trusted decentralized communicationsHussain, OK; Chang, E; Hussain, FK; Dillon, TS; Soh, B
1-Jan-2017Risk Management Framework to Avoid SLA Violation in Cloud from a Provider's PerspectiveHussain, W; Hussain, FK; Hussain, OK; Xhafa, F; Barolli, L; Amato, F
1-Jan-2018Risk-based framework for SLA violation abatement from the cloud service provider's perspectiveHussain, W; Hussain, FK; Hussain, O; Bagia, R; Chang, E
1-Jan-2011Rule-based business policies specification, reasoning and integration for business process model extractionJanjua, NK; Hussain, FK
1-Jan-2014Self-adaptive semantic focused crawler for mining services information discoveryDong, H; Hussain, FK
1-Jan-2008A semantic crawler based on an extended CBR algorithmDong, H; Hussain, FK; Chang, E
19-Nov-2012Semantic De-biased Associations (SDA) model to improve ill-structured decision supportMemon, T; Lu, J; Hussain, FK
1-Jan-2013Semantic information and knowledge integration through argumentative reasoning to support intelligent decision makingJanjua, NK; Hussain, FK; Hussain, OK
1-Aug-2011Semantic service matchmaking for Digital Health EcosystemsDong, H; Hussain, FK
1-May-2013Semantic Web Service matchmakers: State of the art and challengesDong, H; Hussain, FK; Chang, E
19-May-2016Sentiment analysis and classification for software as a service reviewsAlkalbani, AM; Ghamry, AM; Hussain, FK; Hussain, OK