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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-05-01Delay and energy consumption analysis of priority guaranteed MAC protocol for wireless body area networksRasheed, MB; Javaid, N; Imran, M; Khan, ZA; Qasim, U; Vasilakos, A
-Dressing of multifunctional nanoparticles with natural cell-derived membranes for the superior chemotherapyImran, M; Paudel, KR; Jha, SK; Hansbro, PM; Dua, K; Mohammed, Y
2019-09-01Efficient Brain Tumor Segmentation with Multiscale Two-Pathway-Group Conventional Neural NetworksRazzak, MI; Imran, M; Xu, G
2016-03-19Efficient Data Gathering in 3D Linear Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks Using Sink Mobility.Akbar, M; Javaid, N; Khan, AH; Imran, M; Shoaib, M; Vasilakos, A
2021-04Everolimus for the Prevention of Calcineurin-Inhibitor-Induced Left Ventricular Hypertrophy After Heart Transplantation (RADTAC Study).Anthony, C; Imran, M; Pouliopoulos, J; Emmanuel, S; Iliff, JW; Moffat, KJ; Ross, J; Graham, RM; Kotlyar, E; Muthiah, K; Keogh, AM; Hayward, CS; Macdonald, P; Jabbour, A
2019-09-13Experimental investigation of tribological properties of laser textured tungsten doped diamond like carbon coating under dry sliding conditions at various loadsArslan, A; Masjuki, HH; Quazi, MM; Kalam, MA; Varman, M; Jamshaid, M; Rahman, SMA; Imran, M; Zulfattah, ZM; Anwar, MT; Gohar, GA; Mandalan, SM; Harith, MH
2016-10-18Exploring the role of Transactive Memory Systems in virtual teams: Review and synthesis of literatureImran, M; Ariff, M; Sharma, R; Arshad, NI
2016-01-01Formal verification and validation of a movement control actor relocation algorithm for safety–critical applicationsImran, M; Zafar, NA; Alnuem, MA; Aksoy, MS; Vasilakos, AV
2017-01-01Handover based IMS registration scheme for next generation mobile networksTahira, S; Sher, M; Ullah, A; Imran, M; Vasilakos, AV
2017-09-01Internet of vehicles for e-health applications: A potential game for optimal network capacityLin, D; Tang, Y; Labeau, F; Yao, Y; Imran, M; Vasilakos, AV
2017-01-01M2M Communications in 5G: State-of-the-Art Architecture, Recent Advances, and Research ChallengesMehmood, Y; Haider, N; Imran, M; Timm-Giel, A; Guizani, M
2016-01-11Mobile Crowd Sensing for Traffic Prediction in Internet of Vehicles.Wan, J; Liu, J; Shao, Z; Vasilakos, AV; Imran, M; Zhou, K
2022-05“Nanodecoys”- Future of drug delivery by encapsulating nanoparticles in natural cell membranesImran, M; Akhileshwar Jha, L; Hasan, N; Shrestha, J; Pangeni, R; Parvez, N; Mohammed, Y; Kumar Jha, S; Raj Paudel, K
2019-08Native T1 Mapping in the Diagnosis of Cardiac Allograft Rejection: A Prospective Histologically Validated Study.Imran, M; Wang, L; McCrohon, J; Yu, C; Holloway, C; Otton, J; Huang, J; Stehning, C; Moffat, KJ; Ross, J; Puntmann, VO; Vassiliou, VS; Prasad, S; Kotlyar, E; Keogh, A; Hayward, C; Macdonald, P; Jabbour, A
2017-01-12On Connectivity of Wireless Sensor Networks with Directional Antennas.Wang, Q; Dai, H-N; Zheng, Z; Imran, M; Vasilakos, AV
-Overcoming Multidrug Resistance of Antibiotics via Nanodelivery SystemsImran, M; Jha, SK; Hasan, N; Insaf, A; Shrestha, J; Shrestha, J; Devkota, HP; Khan, S; Panth, N; Warkiani, ME; Dua, K; Hansbro, PM; Paudel, KR; Mohammed, Y
2020-06Patient Health Questionnaire-9 scores do not accurately estimate depression prevalence: individual participant data meta-analysis.Levis, B; Benedetti, A; Ioannidis, JPA; Sun, Y; Negeri, Z; He, C; Wu, Y; Krishnan, A; Bhandari, PM; Neupane, D; Imran, M; Rice, DB; Riehm, KE; Saadat, N; Azar, M; Boruff, J; Cuijpers, P; Gilbody, S; Kloda, LA; McMillan, D; Patten, SB; Shrier, I; Ziegelstein, RC; Alamri, SH; Amtmann, D; Ayalon, L; Baradaran, HR; Beraldi, A; Bernstein, CN; Bhana, A; Bombardier, CH; Carter, G; Chagas, MH; Chibanda, D; Clover, K; Conwell, Y; Diez-Quevedo, C; Fann, JR; Fischer, FH; Gholizadeh, L; Gibson, LJ; Green, EP; Greeno, CG; Hall, BJ; Haroz, EE; Ismail, K; Jetté, N; Khamseh, ME; Kwan, Y; Lara, MA; Liu, S-I; Loureiro, SR; Löwe, B; Marrie, RA; Marsh, L; McGuire, A; Muramatsu, K; Navarrete, L; Osório, FL; Petersen, I; Picardi, A; Pugh, SL; Quinn, TJ; Rooney, AG; Shinn, EH; Sidebottom, A; Spangenberg, L; Tan, PLL; Taylor-Rowan, M; Turner, A; van Weert, HC; Vöhringer, PA; Wagner, LI; White, J; Winkley, K; Thombs, BD
2022-12Polysaccharide, fecal microbiota, and curcumin-based novel oral colon-targeted solid self-nanoemulsifying delivery system: formulation, characterization, and in-vitro anticancer evaluationCorrie, L; Gulati, M; Awasthi, A; Vishwas, S; Kaur, J; Khursheed, R; Kumar, R; Kumar, A; Imran, M; Chellappan, DK; Gupta, G; de Jesus Andreoli Pinto, T; Morris, A; Choonara, YE; Adams, J; Dua, K; Singh, SK
2020-11-01Randomized nonlinear one-class support vector machines with bounded loss function to detect of outliers for large scale IoT dataRazzak, I; Zafar, K; Imran, M; Xu, G
-Recent Advances in Chronotherapy Targeting Respiratory DiseasesPaudel, KR; Jha, SK; Allam, VSRR; Prasher, P; Gupta, PK; Bhattacharjee, R; Jha, NK; Vishwas, S; Singh, SK; Shrestha, J; Imran, M; Panth, N; Chellappan, DK; Ebrahimi Warkiani, M; Hansbro, PM; Dua, K