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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2014Older Arab migrants in Australia: Between the hammer of prejudice and the anvil of social isolationAl Abed, NA; Hickman, L; Jackson, D; DiGiacomo, M; Davidson, PM
Dec-2017Older people's experiences of falling and perceived risk of falls in the community: A narrative synthesis of qualitative researchGardiner, S; Glogowska, M; Stoddart, C; Pendlebury, S; Lasserson, D; Jackson, D
1-Feb-2008Older women nurses: Health, ageing concerns and self-care strategiesGabrielle, S; Jackson, D; Mannix, J
2-Jan-2017Overview of Substance Use and Mental Health Among the “Baby Boomers” GenerationCleary, M; Sayers, J; Bramble, M; Jackson, D; Lopez, V
1-Oct-2005Overweight and obese children: Mothers' strategiesJackson, D; Mannix, J; Faga, P; McDonald, G
1-Dec-2017Pain associated with pressure injury: A qualitative study of community-based, home-dwelling individualsJackson, D; Durrant, L; Bishop, E; Walthall, H; Betteridge, R; Gardner, S; Coulton, W; Hutchinson, M; Neville, S; Davidson, PM; Usher, K
1-Jul-2018Patient safety content and delivery in pre-registration nursing curricula: A national cross-sectional survey studyUsher, K; Woods, C; Conway, J; Lea, J; Parker, V; Barrett, F; O'Shea, E; Jackson, D
1-Dec-2012Patients' views and experiences of pro re nata medication in acute mental health settingsCleary, M; Horsfall, J; Jackson, D; O'Hara-Aarons, M; Hunt, GE
1-Jun-2016'People look down on you when you tell them how he died': Qualitative insights into stigma as experienced by suicide survivorsPeters, K; Cunningham, C; Murphy, G; Jackson, D
1-Sep-2013Perceptions of long-term female foster-carers: I'm not a carer, I'm a motherBlythe, SL; Halcomb, EJ; Wilkes, L; Jackson, D
1-Oct-2007Personal resilience as a strategy for surviving and thriving in the face of workplace adversity: A literature reviewJackson, D; Firtko, A; Edenborough, M
1-Dec-2013Personal resilience in nurses and midwives: Effects of a work-based educational interventionMcdonald, G; Jackson, D; Wilkes, L; Vickers, MH
1-Jan-2018Pondering practice: Enhancing the art of reflectionHayes, C; Jackson, D; Davidson, PM; Daly, J; Power, T
1-Mar-2018The position of reporting guidelines in qualitative nursing researchSmith, GD; Gelling, L; Haigh, C; Barnason, S; Allan, H; Jackson, D
1-Jan-2006Positioning mentorship within Australian nursing contexts: a literature review.McCloughen, A; O'Brien, L; Jackson, D
1-Jan-2011Practical advice to support mid-career doctoral students in nursing: Some considerations for academic supervisorsJackson, D; Cleary, M
25-Sep-2013Practicing nurses perspectives of clinical scholarship: A qualitative studyWilkes, L; Mannix, J; Jackson, D
4-Jul-2018Preparing nurses to be prescribers of digital therapeuticsFerguson, C; Hickman, L; Wright, R; Davidson, PM; Jackson, D
1-Sep-2018Pressure injuries in people with darker skin tones: A literature reviewOozageer Gunowa, N; Hutchinson, M; Brooke, J; Jackson, D
1-Aug-2017Prevalence and characteristics of complementary and alternative medicine use by Australian childrenFrawley, JE; Anheyer, D; Davidson, S; Jackson, D